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Getting, providing and analyzing Software Development metrics and information.


High level overview of the whole project ecosystem (code management, code review, discussions, documentation processes, etc.) including project timeline events.
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Quantitative studies, highlight of KPI, benchmarking between projects, custom analytics are part of detailed reports tailored for customers needs based on project specific metrics.
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Identification of good/bad practices on collaborative software development, bad smells, inner sourcing and maturity level analysis, internal mentorship and training on software development analytics.
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Some examples of our projects

Eclipse Foundation

Customized dashboard

OpenStack Foundation

Customized dashboard and reports

Puppet Labs

Customized dashboard and reports

Red Hat

Customized dashboards


Customized dashboards

Wikimedia Foundation

Customized dashboard and KPIs


Solving questions with metrics.

From the tools you already use

Gathering data and information from the most common tools used in software development projects and their communities

to detailed konwledge of your project ecosystem

Different views for different profile questions:

community managers

Community activity overview, gamification, retention rate, contributors profiling, etc.

project managers

Coding activity, code review backlog, bottlenecks identification, etc.

human resources managers

Head hunting, activity by company, activity from outside the company, etc.

business managers

Maturity level analysis, community health, companies benchmarking, etc.

In our commitment with free, open source software, we use and develop Open Source tools to avoid vendor lock-in.

The Team

Luis Cañas

Co-founder and Chief Development Engineer

Daniel Izquierdo

Co-founder and Chief Data Officer

Alvaro del Castillo

Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer

Jesús M. González-Barahona

Co-founder and Researcher

J. Manrique López

Marketing and Business developer

Santiago Dueñas

Co-owner and Developer

Alicia Nieto

Lead administrative

Alberto Martín


David Pose


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