Basic data

  • Release name: Folsom
  • Init date: 2012-04-05
  • End date: 2012-09-21
  • Commits (total): 5,767
  • Commits (no bots): 3,408
  • Files touched (no bots): 5,021
  • Repositories (projects): 8
  • Committers:
    • Core: 62
      (80% of commits)
    • Ocassional: 221
      (20% of commits)
  • Number of companies: 45
  • Blog post with more info

Reference Card

Data Sources

Git repositories at GitHub
(core projects + O-Manuals)

Issue tracker at Launchpad


Work partially based on the information retrieved using the Metrics Grimoire toolset freely available at GitHub.

Raw and parsed Data

MySQL database dumps with the complete retrieved datasets

JSON files serving the data shown in the plots

General notes

This is a preview of the work in progress at Bitergia to build a complete dashboard with metrics about software development.

The dataset presented is based on the information publicly available in the development repositories of the OpenStack prject at GitHub, and should be exact for the timespan and repositories analyzed.

More info & feedback

There is some more information in the blog post about this preview.

Our main concern as a company is to provide products and services as transparent as possible, generating a trustable relationship with our costumers. Therefore, if you find any inconsistencies in the data, or have any other kind of feedback, please let us know by posting a comment to that blog entry.

Thanks for your interest and support!

Changes (commits) to source code

Number of commits per week

Top 5 committers

Brian Waldon196 Rackspace,Nebula
Anne Gentle 162Rackspace
Mark McLoughlin153Red Hat
Dan Prince 146Red Hat
Russel Bryant143 Red Hat


Analysis per project

Number of projects touched per week

Commits per project


Issues (tickets, incl. bug reports)

Tickets opened per week (all trackers)

Opened and closed tickets per project

Open-Closed Reports + INFO


Top 5 companies (by commits)

Rackspace827 45
Red Hat 708 12
Nebula 334 9
Isi 142 3
Sina 115 18
+ INFO (rest of companies)