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What is Bitergia Analytics Platform?

Basics about Data and Platform Usage

What other customers have done with Bitergia Analytics


With access to the Support Platform

The Official Documentation about our Platform

Manage subscription, payments and invoices


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What is Bitergia Analytics Platform?

Find the complete guide about our Platform

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Bitergia Analytics MasterClass

Find everything about the Data we use in our Basic Data Insight Series:

Learn how to use the Platform and their different tools with Platform’s Basics Usage Series:

Learn about other Customers have done with
Bitergia Analytics

Discover the power of Bitergia analytics through these impressive use cases from our valued customers. Gain the confidence and knowledge to transform your own data into impactful insights.


Your Support Team
available for you

Bitergia provides you with a team of experts  available to help you with anything you’ll need

The platform for our customers to ask for support in any issue they have, by filling up a ticket form and where you can track all your ticket’s progress and interaction with the team

You can also contact us by email at

Bitergia Analytics Platform Handbook

The official documentation for Our Platform is now available, where you can learn how to use it to get insights from software projects and the community

Customer Portal

Manage your subscription, payment methods and check your invoices.