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Centralized source for metrics and data about the software development projects that matter to you

Gather data from your favorite platforms

Bitergia Analytics collects data from 30+ different platforms to give you a holistic picture of the software development projects that matter to you

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Source Code Repositories

Git, Bazaar, Mercurial

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Tickets & Issues

GitHub, GitLab, JIRA, Bugzilla, Launchpad, Phabricator Maniphest, Redmine

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Code Reviews

Gerrit, GitHub, GitLab

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Continuous Integration


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Mailing Lists

Askbot, Discourse, Gmane,, Hyperkitty, Mbox files, NNTP, Pipermail, Stack Exchange

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IRC, Slack, Telegram

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Confluence, MediaWiki

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Meetup, Mozilla Reps events

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Others, Docker Hub, RSS


Collect relevant data
in one platform

Bitergia Analytics provides you with a single source of information and saves you hours switching between different platforms to get the data and metrics you need

Community Insights

Identify users, contributors, and maintainers to discover influencers and find trends in your community

Process Insights

Understand software development processes like code review and issue management to improve efficiency and collaboration

Committed to Open Source

Bitergia Analytics, is 100% free, open source software built on top of existing open source tools like GrimoireLab, Elasticsearch, and Kibana


GrimoireLab is one of the founding projects of the Linux Foundation's CHAOSS initiative

Privacy by design

Bitergia Analytics includes features and legal conditions to ensure privacy and Lean Data Practices

Free as in Freedom

GrimoireLab is and will always be 100% free, open source software. We embrace the paradigm and value of community


GrimoireLab is the culmination of 15+ years of building advanced open source software development analytics tools

Built by Experts

Bitergia is the market leader in software development analytics with 15+ years experience in research about collaborative software development methodologies and quality models

Daniel Izquierdo
Luis Canas Georg Link
Miguel Angel Fernandez
Virginia Fernandez
Alicia Nieto

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