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The first release of Bitergia Analytics Platform based on OpenSearch.

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As we know, Elastic no longer releases new versions of Elasticsearch and Kibana under an open source license. One of Bitergia’s core values is to always maintain our work in an open source environment. For these reasons, we are migrating to OpenSearch and now have the first release ready and deployed with the first customers.

Initially, Bitergia Analytics Platform is based on OpenSearch 1.2. We will of course upgrade to new versions with OpenSearch 1.3 planned for the next release.  

One of the key features in OpenSearch that we are excited about is the native support for single sign-on (SSO) and role-based permissions within OpenSearch Dashboards. This enables us to provide enterprise-ready integrations and on-prem deployments that integrate with corporate identity management systems. A challenge was allowing anonymous users for our customers that want to have public dashboards but restrict editing visualizations to specific people.

Thus, we are excited about several OpenSearch plugins that we plan to support in the Bitergia Analytics Platform in the future. These plugins could provide long-desired features, such as alerts, anomaly detection, reports, and SQL queries.

What do you get with BAP Dashboard?

In the past, we had modified Kibana to add custom features that were critical for our customers. So now, with OpenSearch, we are able to have a better solution by developing these custom features as plugins.

One plugin we have adds a top menu to provide quick access to the different dashboards on the platform. Other plugins are for visualizations, specifically adding radar, network, dotplot, polar, and enhanced tables.

The dashboards of Bitergia Analytics Platform (BAP) are based on OpenSearch Dashboards. We developed custom plugins to retain functionality we had in the previous version of BAP, including::

  • A top navigation menu to make it easier to reach some panels. 
  • Customized Search Guard plugin for your security needs.
  • Some extra visualizations:
    1. Network Analysis: displays a network of nodes that links two fields previously selected.
    2. Enhanced-Tables: build tables for more advanced visualizations.
    3. Dotplot: provides dotplot (bubble) visualizations.
    4. Polar: provides radar visualizations.

Customizable to your branding

  • Extended custom branding: You can change and customize, the logos, title, and menu colors to match your organization’s branding. Bitergia’s branding is set by default. For developers, the configuration can be set in opensearch_config.yml.
The table and image shows what parts of the UI can be configured.

NOTE: changes will be only visible once you clean the browser’s cache.

About Bitergia Analytics

Bitergia Analytics is a complete solution to get full insights into software development projects. It is a comprehensive solution that includes an analytics platform, training, support, and consultancy to make the most use of it.

Customers of the Bitergia Analytics services can reach their goals and make data-driven decisions about their software development teams. In fact, they can achieved this through the 4 services: Strategy, Customization, Analysis, and Reporting.

Bitergia Analytics is a centralized source for metrics and data about the software development projects that matter to you. It provides dashboards that help companies and organizations to understand open source and inner source software projects through quantitative analysis of their communities, activity, and processes.

So, Bitergia Analytics is your best deal if you’re interested in a full-service offer that includes training, customization, strategy consultancy, and support, start by scheduling a demo.

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