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Bitergia Highlights from 2022: Our Activities and Accomplishments

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What a year for Bitergia! Geopolitical, health, and climate news dominated the news-cycle. In this blog post, we reflect on our own experience as Bitergians and share our highlights from 2022. Join us on this journey of memories!

Nice to see you in person again!

One of the most important things we experienced this year was coming back to in-person events. Bitergians traveled far and wide, from Austin to Paris to Dublin, and other stops including Berlin, Raleigh, and Bilbao. We couldn’t be more excited to share time again with customers, partners, community members, and friends! 

We participated in the Open Source Summit in both Europe and North America. To mention, we especially enjoyed our wonderful time in Dublin for the European event where we shared activities, events, social gatherings, networking, and interesting discussions. Read again about it in our blog post Bitergia in Dublin, a week full of activities.

Committed to a global Open Source 

To expand the knowledge and good practice of Open Source, we also participated in non-English events around the world. At the Open Source Summit Latin America, we presented talks in Spanish. We were also at conferences on our home-turf, Spain, where we participated in EsLibre in Vigo and LibreCon in Bilbao.

Did we already mention that Bitergia is global? We were also present in Thailand at the FOSS4G event, where we present a talk about Open Source communities and metrics (all in Thai!).

Here is a recap album photos of our moments at events around the world!

  • (1) Daniel presenting at the Open Source Summit in Dublin
  • (2) Georg and Emilio at the big stage in OSS Dublin!
  • (3) Emilio and Miguel Angel at our stand in All Things Open in Raleigh, USA
  • (4) Mishari at FOSS4G in our first time in Thailand!
  • (5) Pablo sharing with people at LibreCon, in Bilbao, Spain
  • (6) Georg with a live demo at our Metrics Corner in OpenInfra Summit, Berlin, Germany
  • (7) Daniel and his talk at the Apidays event in Paris, France
  • (8) Georg and Emilio at our first presentation for the virtual event Open Source Summit Latin America

Sharing Bitergia expertise through Metrics Partnerships

We went to Berlin, where we announced our partnership with the OpenInfra Foundation and to be part of the OpenInfra Summit with a place full of talks, great conversations, and a unique space as it was the Metrics Corner; here you have a recap in our blog post OpenInfra Summit 22: our event summary.

We also joined the NumFOCUS Foundation as a metrics partner to provide community metrics and insights to all NumFOCUS projects, where Anaconda also sponsors this partnership. Read more in the blog post, Bitergia becomes the Official Metrics Partner of the NumFOCUS Foundation!

Bringing new features to our customers, some highlights

We delivered several new features to customers this year. One of our favorites is support for SQL queries on the Bitergia Analytics Platform and the improved experience for managing identities of community contributors.

To understand our excitement, you would have to have worked with the old interface. This new version is a game-changer and saves a lot of time when merging identities, updating organizational affiliations, and finding that peculiar community member that you wanted to know more about.

Bitergia Analytics
The screenshot of the new identities management interface. 

You can read more about the new identities management user interface with an all-new and improved user experience in the latest blog Identify community contributors with this new feature that will save you time.

We also migrated to OpenSearch in to fulfill our commitment of staying 100% free, open source while also bringing the latest technologies to our customers. 

But we are not done yet. During the first months of 2023, we will have more news and updates to level up your dashboard user experience.

A great nest to work in

The Bitergians couldn’t agree more about the good environment we have in the company. So, the team continued growing with new additions of Pablo, our customer support engineer, Mishari, our consultant for east asian market, and Dobri, our Technical Writer.

Part of the Bitergians at the Christmas lunch in Madrid, Spain!

The nest also turned 10! Bitergia reached its tenth anniversary in 2022, and we celebrated big time with an event in March; with talks, food, and a trip to Toledo; and with all Bitergians, former ones, partners, and friends! Relive this experience with us!

Of course, a great company is only possible thanks to our beloved customers. We always strive to do our best work and to level up their software development analytics. Read the results of the Customer Satisfaction survey to see what our customers think about how we did in 2022!

Personal notes from Bitergia Leaders

Some Bitergians also left a message to everyone, resuming the great year we have, their experiences at work, and what we expect from 2023:

“In 2022, I was most excited about the return to in-person conferences. Bitergia is built on good relationships with partners and customers, and in-person events are key to building and maintaining these relationships. Also, it was great seeing old friends again and making new friends. For 2023, I am excited about some of the new things we are planning, specifically the idea to establish a Bitergia Research branch.” 

Georg, Director of Sales



“This year, I took over Consultancy. I believe we managed to make the transition feel fairly smooth, but internally it is hectic and stressful. For 2023 we need to work on being more predictable, and I want to focus on people.”

Igor, Director of Consultancy

“2022 has been a complicated year because some important company members left to grow their careers. However, the team has been working very hard on the new features we will bring to our customers in 2023. Bitergia Analytics Platform will change drastically from the bottom up, starting with the OpenSearch support and with our new identities manager. We are very excited about it, and we can’t wait to share them with our customers.”

Santiago, CTO



“2022 has been a great year for Bitergia. We keep growing as a company in all aspects, including people, customers, revenue, and branding. After ten years in the business (look at this great number!), Bitergia has demonstrated its commitment to open source, helping foundations and projects to make data-driven decisions, showcase their neutrality, and grow into new levels of transparency by showcasing their data.
And what is perhaps even more important, by helping companies to scale their development teams and be more collaborative and transparent (as in InnerSource) and helping OSPOs to make the most of open source within their corporate departments, Bitergia is contributing to building and training the next wave of open source contributors coming from those large corporations.

Thank you to all of the Bitergians, our customers, advisors, shareholders, our network of collaborators, people that trusted us, and those that will come. Happy New Year!”

Daniel, CEO and Co-Founder

We hope to see you around in 2023 with more metrics and insights to understand the software development projects that matter to you. Happy new year!

We leave you with a selection of the most interesting blog posts we had this year:

Emilio Galeano Gryciuk

Emilio Galeano Gryciuk

Marketing Specialist at Bitergia

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