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Emilio, a new Bitergian joins the nest – Introducing our Marketing Specialist

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In the last year, Emilio Galeano joined the Bitergia team as our new Marketing Specialist. In this blog post, we want to share more about the role of Marketing for Bitergia and Emilio’s story and perspective.

To present our new member, Georg Link, as part of the Marketing and Sales team, wanted to give a warm welcome to Emilio and explain to us about the new role of Marketing that Bitergia was seeking to improve.

introducing Emilio Galeano, the new marketing specialist
Georg Link, our Director of Sales

The role of Marketing at Bitergia

I equate “Marketing” with “Communication”. The core role of marketing is to manage communication with Bitergians, customers, partners, and the world. Marketing at Bitergia is about managing and maintaining the inward and outward-facing presentation of Bitergia. Marketing supports all efforts at Bitergia by defining the brand and how Bitergia wants to be seen. 

The Marketing Specialist is an important member of the Bitergia Team. Some examples of activities that the Marketing Specialist is responsible for include Bitergia’s engagement at conferences, the website, the blog, the newsletter, social media, and the visual design elements that represent Bitergia. A very important part of marketing is also to speak with other Bitergians about how they can represent Bitergia and publicly talk about the good work they do.

Why does Bitergia wanted a new Marketing Specialist?

Bitergia turned 10 years old this year. This is quite an accomplishment. Over the years, the role of Marketing at Bitergia has also evolved. Until recently, we didn’t have a dedicated Marketing Specialist. Since then, we have established a solid foundation for marketing.

Now we are at a point in time where we want to experiment with different marketing strategies and see what helps us grow. The global economy is changing and we see shifting priorities in our customer base. We are adapting and this includes how we communicate and market our products. For this, we need a Marketing Specialist who knows the tools and techniques for effective marketing and is willing to experiment with us to find strategies that work.

Welcome on board, Emilio!

introducing Emilio Galeano, the new marketing specialist

For this section, we wanted to know more about Emilio, we interviewed him about his background and experiences in marketing for other industries, what he can bring to Bitergia and why he wanted to be part of our team.

Why did you want to join Bitergia? 

I saw a big opportunity to help Bitergia grow and make a stable and recognized brand with the experience and knowledge they built in the last 10 years. And it was also a personal challenge to lead projects and apply my different skills and previous experiences.

Bitergia is a great place to work, everyone is welcoming and friendly, and the environment is all about the community and how we can do things better for everyone.

Also, since the company is still growing, there’s a lot of teamwork to do, we help each other to develop and reach new ideas, which could help me to learn more about other skills.

What does Emilio bring to the company?

This is my first time working with open source software, but in Marketing I worked in the past in different industries, focusing on creating campaigns and content around it, planning on-site events, and dealing a little with social media. Especially at Bitergia, I’m bringing the creative point of view, a thing I think Bitergia can explore and grow more as a support tool with the current work.

introducing Emilio Galeano, the new marketing specialist
Emilio and Georg participated at the OpenInfra Summit ‘22 in Berlin, Germany.

First Impressions & Future Actions

When I was first contacted by Bitergia, I honestly didn’t know anything about the Open Source environment, nor about the company. But I convinced myself that I could take the opportunity as a challenge to learn a whole new world at the same time I explore the Marketing area.

There is a lot we can do at Bitergia in terms of Marketing, is still a new section where we can start exploring new ideas, and projects and try to reach more industries and people interested in open source, while converting Bitergia into a lead company in the work.

introducing Emilio Galeano, the new marketing specialist
Emilio’s talking about the Bitergia Brand at our 10th Anniversary event, together with Georg.

During my firsts months at Bitergia, I had the opportunity to help with topics such as creating and implementing a Brand Book for the company, organizing our 10th Anniversary event and campaign, boost our social media presence and other digital channels; I can’t wait to continue working in exciting new projects and ideas we’re preparing for the future!

You can contact Emilio by dropping a message on LinkedIn or by email. He will be happy to answer any questions regarding conferences, partnerships, or any other issue about marketing at Bitergia!

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