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As some of you know, Bitergia became an active member of  InnerSource Commons with the aim to help companies to implement open source practices within organizations and how to use the right InnerSource metrics for their projects.

This October we’ll be attending one more time to the InnerSource Commons conference, held this time in New York. Our Bitergian CDO, Daniel Izquierdo has prepared two really interesting talks for this event that you’ll surely don’t want to miss out

Note: If you read until here and you are wondering what the heck InnerSource is, don’t panic! In previous posts, we talked about InnerSource and how benefits companies so if you wan to learn more about it, just take a quick look to these posts before you step into the next part. Okay, Are you ready? awesome! Let’s continue with our talks for this event!

Bitergia InnerSource agenda

On Wednesday, October 3rd at 2:15pm, our Bitergian Daniel Izquierdo and Erin Bank from CA technologies will give a workshop about InnerSource Patterns and why developing those patterns is a way of capturing proven solutions to most common InnerSource problems

The next day Thursday 4th, once again, Daniel Izquierdo will talk about measuring contribution, one of the first steps that everyone measures in their InnerSource initiative.  There are of course several types of them, and not only source code (for instance you can also find reviews, edits in a wiki, or conversations in asynchrounous channels). The matter here is, do we know how to effectively measure contribution?

  • How can we sure that we all mean the same when we measure those contributions?
  • Does a commit have the same meaning for everyone?
  • Have we ever thought about automated actions by bots, merge commits, or people adding tags to the source code?
  • Is it better to measure commits than source code lines? And what about files?

If you have the same questions as these ones when implementing InnerSource you should definitively join us at InnerSource Commons!

O’Reilly Velocity conference and possible meetings in NY area

InnerSource Commons is not all! we’ll be also at Velocity conference and days before Daniel is planning to stay in New York area from Sept. 28th to Oct. 1st for anyone interested in Software development metrics! so if you want to set up a demo with him, just contact us



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