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How to retain the best development talent

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Nowadays, is a matter of fact that software development is eating up the labor market. Netflix is not a film company, Amazon is not an online ebook company, Spotify is not a music company, Pixar is far from being an animation studio, and Groupon is not just a marketplace. We are living in the digital transformation. To attract and to retain the best development talent is becoming more and more important for any company.

Thus, having a solid strategy in IT talent acquisition and employee retention is crucial for  the future of companies. Once we’ve got those strategies established, are there any effective tools for measuring this talent? Here is where Software Development Analytics takes place.

Bitergia dashboards presents an up to date, high level, quantitative panoramic view of the ecosystem involved in software projects, with the ability to drill into data and metrics that matter most for the user.

In terms of talent search and talent retention, Bitergia dashboards can be customized for recruiters and people operations managers to provide specific metrics and reports.

Let’s say your company is using and open source technology and is looking for developers for its IT team. Based on custom queries like:

  • Who is active in the project?
  • Whose patchsets/pull requests/merge requests are merged faster?
  • Who is needing less iterations with the reviewers to get patches of code accepted?
  • Who is answering questions in StackOverflow and also contributing actively to the project? Who is discussing in the tickets?

The company can use Bitergia Analytics services to build custom dashboard or reports about the people contributing and participating in projects based on the aggregation of activity from all the data repositories that define their target project’s ecosystems (git, gerrit, github, mailing lists, stackoverflow, jira, etc.)

Getting talent is hard, but retaining it can be harder!

IT professionals market is always moving. There are many opportunities, and companies that understand that the software they develop is key not only because the software but the people that build it, need to have smart strategies for talent retention.

Of course, metrics are an important piece for managers willing to keep productivity and code quality under defined thresholds. Again, Bitergia Analytics provides means to check those policies conformance and to understand what it’s happening in company’s IT development area, from the whole overview, to very specific project or person.

Git commits patterns in terms of files and lines of code changed
Git commits patterns in terms of files and lines of code changed

But most of the times having development culture policies that create diverse, inclusive and collaborative environments are even more important than productivity and code quality metrics. And again, Bitergia Analytics are able to perform analysis from gender diversity (in an enterprise or open source ecosystem), mentorship effectiveness, to even, collaboration analysis.

Collaboration network dashboard in software development
Collaboration network in software development

If you are looking for a way to improve your project’s talent attraction and retention, clearly Bitergia Analytics can help you. If you are willing to know more, join our next workshop in Portland or contact us!



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