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Introducing Bitergia’s new CEO: Daniel Izquierdo

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In this blog post we are delighted to share one of the big changes here at Bitergia: We are pleased to announce Daniel Izquierdo as the new Bitergia’s CEO, who was appointed this month.

Daniel, co-founder of Bitergia, will replace our beloved former CEO Jose Manrique, who joined Bitergia 8 years ago and has been at the head of the nest for almost 4 years.

“I am really sure Daniel is the right person for this job”, said Manrique. He also stated that Daniel “is one of the founders and he has been involved in every area of the company with very successful outcomes in all of it”.

Earlier this month, Bitergia’s shareholders decided to appoint Daniel as the new CEO after selecting his proposal as the most suitable for the company, and all agreed that Daniel is the right person to lead Bitergia. 

Daniel Izquierdo
Daniel Izquierdo, CEO of Bitergia

In addition to his new role, Daniel is also an Open and InnerSource advocate, Python developer and Board Member of the InnerSouce Commons and CHAOSS community. When he is not in meetings with important clients or working alongside other Bitergians on exciting projects, he likes reading, learning new things and doing some sport.

As the new CEO, Daniel will be responsible for leading the development, management and implementation of long term and short term plans, and taking the managerial decisions that will take Bitergia to the next level. 

We also asked Daniel to share with us his impressions as the CEO:

This is a great experience where I’m learning tons of new things. I want to thank Bitergians for their support and commitment with the team. Even in companies of this size the new prism to look at how things work in Bitergia makes you realize new areas of improvement. The Bitergia team is incredible and I truly believe we’ll reach new levels of excellence all together in this adventure.

All Bitergians wish Manrique the best of luck in the new adventure he is embarking on, and thank him for leading this company and making Bitergia a recognized software development analytics company around the world.

Once again, please join us in welcoming the new CEO Daniel Izquierdo and wishing him all the best in his new role!



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