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Open Source Summit Europe is almost here and Bitergia is ready for one of the biggest open source conferences in Europe. The event will take place on 22nd-24th of October at Edinburgh international conference centre in UK.

Bitergia, which core technology is 100% open source software, will indeed participate in such event with lots of new talks with our CDO Daniel izquierdo as main speaker. Let’s know more of them!

Bitergia Open Source Summit talks

On Tuesday 23rd, our bitergian Daniel Izquierdo with Riccardo Iaconelli from Mozilla will talk about open source contribution and participation across Mozila’s organization. This talk will show the work Mozilla has done with Bitergia to gain a more thorough understanding of what OSS contribution at Mozilla looks like and the Open Source Archetypes, which are a loose definition of OSS models as found in the wild, created with the help of Open Tech Strategies.

On Wednesday 24th we invite you to join our first Bitergia talk of the day related with mentoring programs, with Nicole Huesman from Intel and Daniel izquierdo. OSS is fueled by the continual influx of new contributors who offer fresh talent and diverse perspectives. Mentoring programs and activities, like GSoC, Outreachy, and Speed Mentoring, are critical in inspiring this next generation of contributors. Discover the process through which contributors enter the Linux or the OpenStack communities through some of these initiatives, such as Outreachy and GSoC, tracks their activity as members within these programs, and will show data and charts related to the retention once their participation in these programs ends.

Also on Wednesday, Brian Hsieh, from Uber, will present how open source leads can serve as enablers of building a collaborative open source program at Uber. During the presentation, Brian will share the stage with Manrique, Bitergia’s CEO, to show how Bitergia Analytics can be a useful tool for Open Source Program Offices to help them to achieve their strategic goals.

To end up with the day, we’ve got a short tutorial of how to prepare a diversity and inclusion report for your community. Daniel Izquierdo and other speakers like Georg Link, from University of Nebraska, Dawn Foster, from Pivotal and Emma Irwin from Mozilla. In such tutorial, you will¬†walk through hands-on methods and resources from the CHAOSS project that will help you create an effective Diversity and Inclusion Report.

If you want to know extra information of these talks, you can also check the official schedule of the event.

And last but not least…

Bitergia will be in another upcoming event on October 25th in UK held at Pullman London St Pancras Hotel : the Sustain Summit 2018, a one-day event for Open Source sustainers.

If you are around UK during those days and you’re interested in software development processes, we’ll surely have time to set up a quick demo with you, just contact us!



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