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Mishari, a new Bitergian join the nest – Introducing our Consultant and Partner for the East Asian Market

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During this month, Mishari Muqbil joined the Bitergia team to focus on the East Asian market. In this blog post, we want to explain the goals Bitergia has focusing on this market, Mishari´s background, and how he would help to work on our expansion in this market.

To present Mishari and talk about the goal of the Consultant and Partner for the East Asian Market, our Director of Sales, Georg Link, wanted to explain and talk more about it.

Why does Bitergia want to focus on the East Asian Market?

Bitergia has been growing its international business. To date, the East Asian market has been a blind spot mainly because no Bitergian is familiar with that market. There are cultural differences that we would have a hard time navigating on our own. For this reason, we were excited when Mishari was open to working with us. 

Why did we choose to work with Mishari?

Mishari has the demonstrated background, experience, and knowledge that we need to deliver quality consultancy to our customers. We met Mishari through the InnerSource Commons and were impressed with his work.

Mishari is helping Bitergia in two ways. On the one hand, Mishari complements the Consultancy team and helps us deliver quality service to our customers. On the other hand, Mishari has a deep understanding of the East Asia market. We partner with Mishari to customize our product offering and messaging to attract business in East Asia.

Let’s meet Mishari!

For this section, we ask Mishari why he wanted to be part of our team, also his background and experiences, and how this experience will help Bitergia with these new challenges.

East Asian Market

What is your background? 

I’ve been part of open source projects for over 25 years and have worked on complex technical projects as well as taken on both technical and business leadership roles.

For the last four years, I’ve operated my own coaching business called Zymple where I help technical teams enhance their management and collaboration by adopting practices from open source. I’m also the acting vice president of the upcoming Open Tech Thailand Association and a co-organizer of OpenTech Summit Thailand, Thailand’s only international open source conference, under FOSSASIA.

What is your opinion about Bitergia? 

One of the major challenges of businesses is their visibility, the lack of data, and a sensible interpretation framework that can be used in order to make decisions.

Bitergia’s offerings not only help provide visibility to the technical teams but also do it through the community lens, which can more deeply uncover latent cultural issues within the organization. This is in line with my approach.

Why you wanted to work with us?

Bitergia’s association with the open source and InnerSource community makes them very compelling to work with, as it’s a mark of transparency and, by extension of that, competence.

Your point of view about the East Asian market and what we (Bitergia) can achieve

The Asian software development scene is huge and growing by the day, with large technical teams not only in China and India, but also scattered across Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia.

I think Bitergia’s offerings can be of tremendous help to improve the software development practices of these organizations as well as increase their confidence in adopting more practices from the open source. 

This confidence will also lead to more software being made available as open source as well as more open source contributions which will be good for the tech ecosystem overall.

You can connect with Mishari and talk on LinkedIn or dropping a message by email. He will be happy to answer any questions!

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