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OSCON 2018: We’re back!

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Once again, Bitergia will be at OSCON, held this time in Portland, at Oregon convention center. OSCON, one of the biggest open source conventions in USA, has been ground zero of the open source movement and nowadays continues to be the catalyst for innovation among companies.

This year we’ve got big news! the convention will have an Inner source day! On July 17th at 3:40 pm, our CDO Daniel Izquierdo will talk about inner source patterns and different solutions for inner source problems. If you want to know more about Inner source, this is for you!

Patterns are a characterization of the usual problems found when applying InnerSource across several organizations. Depending on the organization, issues are solved in one or another way. But the key point about the InnerSource Patterns community is that those are shared with others and made publicly available for the benefit of the industry.

Indeed, our Bitergians will be at our booth those days to answer all of your questions regarding software development analytics issues. Feel free to take a look  as we might have some surprises waiting for you.


Do you still want to know more about Inner source?, we remind you we also have several blog posts concerning this topic, such as inner sourcing: the development model of the future , the internal solution which companies such as PayPal, Bosh or facebook are now implementing. Moreover, Bitergia has the expertise to measure inner source, so if you are considering investing in it, we have free, open source software tools for measure it and we will be very happy to help. Just ask!

And last but not least! just before OSCON, Bitergia is preparing workshop in Portland nearby. This is a big opportunity to meet our 100% open source software development analytics platform used by several open source projects, software communities and engineering teams to track and analyze their development activities, communities health, diversity, etc., so don’t hesitate anymore and join us!




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