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Our Owl turns 10! Let’s celebrate our anniversary!

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We’re celebrating our tenth anniversary in business. Remembering our beginnings in 2012, we want to celebrate and congratulate everyone who was involved from the start or joined along the way! So that’s why in this blog post, we wanted to summarize our 10 years path and review our celebration day.

By 2022, Bitergia continues to grow in the software development industry, reaching 10 years of providing services, tools, and knowledge to improve decision-making. 

A tenth anniversary is a big event in every company, and for us, we feel very happy to celebrate this event. That’s why we had our Bitergia Anniversary Day on March 25, 2022, as the first day of the celebration which is going to be held all this year (yes, we are celebrating big time!).

Bitergia Anniversary Day

We started the day with our beloved Bitergians and important guests who are part of the Bitergia history such as founders and co-founders, ex-employees, collaborators, partners, and clients.

First our CEO and Co-Funder, Daniel Izquierdo, give us a welcome, and with some fun ice-breaking activity we started to share talks and ideas with the participants. He also wanted to share some history about how we started with metrics and software in 2012 and how we keep developing and evolving over the years.

The CEO of Bitergia, Daniel Izquierdo talked about the origins of the company.

Our guests takes the stage!

Then, we had on stage a special guest, Jesus González-Barahona, a founder of Bitergia and currently a professor at the Rey Juan Carlos University. Jesus talked about leveraging free software for business. He asked everyone to consider how being a FOSS company helped or hindered Bitergia’s business and whether it is still the right business strategy. We agreed that the benefits of our commitment to FOSS outweigh the downsides.

Jesús González-Barahona, founder of Bitergia

After a fun and relaxed coffee break, we continue the event on stage with Kristof Van Tomme, the CEO, and Co-Funder of Pronovix, a partner of Bitergia. Kristof introduced us to the Wardley Map method. Then we had an interactive session to build a Wardley Map for software development analytics. This fostered great discussion as we considered what the future of software development analytics may look like and what role Bitergia could play.

Kristof Van Tomme, CEO of Pronovix

The day continued with Ana Jiménez, a former Bitergian who now works as the TODO Group Community Manager. Ana shared with us the topic “Demystifying OSPOs: New horizons for OSS metrics”. We learned about the role and responsibilities of OSPOs, which Ana also shared as a mindmap.

Ana Jimenez, OSPO Manager from the TODO Group

After Ana, the stage was shared by the CHAOSS (Community Health Analytics for Open Source Software) board members, Sean Goggins and Matt Germonprez. Sean and Matt shared thoughts about the past and present of the community and how to build a future there.

Sean Goggins and Matt Germonprez from the CHAOSS Community

We were reaching the end of the day, and we wanted to close it with some history and evolution of the Bitergia Brand. Bitergians Georg Link, Director of Sales, and Emilio Galeano, Marketing Specialist, talked about how the brand was born, how it evolved or remained the same, and how it is presented today.

Georg Link and Emilio Galeano presenting the Bitergia Brand

Of course, we wanted to treat all of our guests well. What better way could there be than a combination of admiring the Madrid skyline, enjoying good company, and, of course, sharing delicious food! We went to the rooftop of Casa Suecia to share an exquisite cocktail with lots of Spanish and international dishes, and interesting talks around the place.

What is a celebration without gifts? Of course, all of our guests went home with a special gift from our beloved Owl. After the initial day of celebrations, we continued the celebration with a trip to Toledo. Toledo is the former capital city of Spain and is located close to Madrid. We spent the night at a nice hotel with good food. On Saturday, we went on a guided tour to learn about the history of Toledo and see its marvelous sites. We closed our celebrations with yet another amazing traditional Spanish lunch with an incredible view of the city.

All participants had a special gift from Bitergia

We’re very happy and proud about being 10 years in business. We want to say thank you to all the people who got involved from the beginning, all the bitergians who worked during these years to build the company that it is now, the trust of our clients and partners, and the communities we are part of. 

Now it’s time to prepare for new adventures, challenges, and lots of analytics. We have some good ideas about where we are going and we’ll be happy to share exciting news as we continue this celebration throughout 2022! Keep in touch on our Twitter and LinkedIn so you don’t miss anything!

More pictures from our celebration!

Cheers for another 10 years of more software development analytics! 🎉 🥳 🦉

Emilio Galeano Gryciuk

Emilio Galeano Gryciuk

Marketing Specialist at Bitergia

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