Maximizing Savings: The Power of Metrics for Time and Cost Efficiency


  Efficiency often goes unnoticed until it is linked to financial outcomes. However, it refers to achieving optimal performance while minimizing time and effort wastage. Assessing if you’re investing your time in the right direction is crucial. By leveraging metrics to analyze efficiency, you can identify areas of improvement and reduce costs.

7 metrics to evaluate risk in Open Source libraries

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Metrics to assess risk in open source libraries are becoming more important. We need these tools and techniques to evaluate and mitigate the potential risks associated with using third-party open source software libraries in our own software applications. So, this blog post describes seven important metrics to evaluate this risk from an open source community perspective.

Building and Supporting Open Source Communities Through Metrics

Each community is different and therefore requires other metrics for data-driven decisions about building and supporting it. In this blog post, we review this and share a summary of a 3 chapter series brought together by our friends at Take a look at this reading about Open Source Communities Metrics.

Bitergia has arrived in Latin America!

Last month, we were part of not one, but two Open Source events organized in Latin America! The OpenInfra Days and the Open Source Summit Latin America were broadcasted from Mexico and Brazil to the world. 

Value-stream mapping using software development analytics

Modern software development pipelines are fractured with a lack of visibility across the entire product value-stream concealing process bottlenecks, constraints, and waste. Software development analytics can analyze value-streams within DevOps environments to provide full end-to-end visibility to the flow of work.

Developing a Metrics Strategy

This blog post briefly shows how Bitergia has worked with Open Networking Foundation to build a new dashboard that fits with their metrics strategy and how they were able to turn this information into business insights

Supporting the 2nd CHAOSS Metrics Release

Bitergia is happy to congratulate the CHAOSS community to its second metrics release. The five working groups of the CHAOSS community defined 39 metrics across 16 focus areas where more than 300 people contributed to the metric definitions.

What can InnerSource learn from the CHAOSS Project?

During the last InnerSource Commons in Baltimore,  Daniel Izquierdo Cortázar and I had the opportunity to introduce the CHAOSS Project to InnerSource practitioners. This post summarizes the main topics we covered.

Improving Cauldron: now with Open Distro for Elasticsearch

Years ago, we developed a software development communities and processes analytics PaaS PoC based in GrimoireLab technologies. We called it Cauldron, and recently we have started working on a big update, that includes many new features, including Open Distro for Elascticsearch! Let’s see what’s coming…