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Pretty late writing about the Akademy, but I really wanted to share my experience with this community.

First of all and as a disclaimer, I already knew some members of the community, so this was not my first time with them. I have always enjoyed my time with them and get pretty useful feedback.

This visit was related to the KDE devleopment dashboard that Bitergia prepared in collaboration with some KDE developers.


First: comments I received were related to the existence of the KDE reports page where the KDE community has started to play about software development metrics. I have to say that this was surprisingly positive given that they already have these needs in terms of trying to understand what’s happening in the community, at least from an aggregated point of view.

In second place, some comments addressed those peaks of activity that are observed in 2010 and 2011 reaching more than 16,000 commits per month and directly related to the activity of Nokia on the community, with a maximum of 4,500 commits in a month.

nokiacommits-kdeDeepening a bit more in the dataset, some KDE folks (thanks Lydia and Marta!) pointed to the possibility that this dash included a lot of information from Qt repositories, while in some cases those are not considered as part of KDE. In addition, we were validating parts of the dataset, specifically those related to the affiliations where developers are matched to organizations. These are typical cases of missing data, but in this case, and based on the domains analysis, this seemed to be robust enough. At least for this first approach, although there is a lot of room for improvement.



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