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All Things Open, OSPOlogy and EclipseCon: the October events!

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Bitergia continues this month with some events around Open Source, and in this blog post we’re summarizing our participation in different events around the world, like All Things Open in the USA, OSPOlogy in Sweden, and EclipseCon in Germany, lets dive in!

All Things Open 2022

The ATO event turns 10 this year, and during these years, they become the largest open source/tech/web event in the United States (East Coast). The conference offers an educational way of seeing topics about tools, processes, and people making open source possible. At the event, we can meet people from different countries and industries, like designers, developers, decision-makers, entrepreneurs, and technologists of different types and skills.

Open Source has never been more popular and skills have never been in more demand:

 The speaker lineup

They have a strong lineup of people wanting to share their knowledge, updates, and experiences, it will be more than 150 sessions and workshops across 15+ tracks like front-end developer, front-end engineering, programming languages, back-end developer, devops,  databases, big data, cloud, machine learning/ai, security, Linux/infrastructure, and more! See the feature speakers here

Bitergia is sponsoring ATO 2022!

We know ATO is a big event and don’t want to miss it. From our experience at last year’s event, and to show our commitment to Open Source Communities, we wanted to be part of this again this year and show our support by being a Bronze sponsor

You can find Bitergians around our booth on the 4th floor, between Ballrooms B and C, join us to know the latest updates and information about Open Source, we’ll cover main topics such us:

  • Bitergia services for building your own OSPO, How to start and implement our tools 
  • Navigating through our OSPO(aaS) Framework

We’ll also have live demonstrations of the Bitergia Analytics Platform to show the features and benefits of our platform, also the latest updates and new features in the BAP releases. If you’re interested in InnerSource topics, we’re ready to discuss them!

Some Bitergians will be there, so don’t hesitate to contact us in advance, in case you want to meet them! Miguel Ángel Fernández, from our Consultancy department, and Emilio Galeano, our Marketing Specialist will be ready to meet you at All Things Open.

In case you’ll join virtually at the event, we’ll be available at the virtual booth showcase! There you can find general information about Bitergia, our products, and services, interactive videos to explain in detail, flyers, brochures, and uses cases to know more about! Also, you can contact us directly there through the chat or schedule meetings, we’ll be available to answer during the event days.

So don’t forget to visit our booth during the event days (in person and virtually!), will be happy to welcome you! 

OSPOlogy Workshop


Join us for the first in-person 2-days Workshop to help organizations effectively implement Open Source Program Offices (OSPOs) based on specific region needs in Europe. October’s Ospology.live is hosted by OSPO at Ericsson and co-organized with TODO, OpenChain, SPDX, CHAOSS, and OpenSSF projects.

And we’re getting ready for the OSPOlogy event! From Bitergia, Daniel Izquierdo will be presenting along with Sean Goggins and Dawn Foster (from the CHAOSS Community) about Metrics models for OSPOs and a Case Study of Using CHAOSS metrics. 

The event keynotes will cover topics about OSPOs in European Telecom companies and How can an OSPO advocate for Open Source Security, along with Communities presentations and round tables discussions.

Besides our CEO, Luis Cañas from our Consultancy department, will join Daniel to be part of this event to share and discuss OSPO topics from a Bitergia perspective, contact them to say hi at the event.

See you in Stockholm to discuss the latest news about Open Source Program Offices!

EclipseCon, an Eclipse Foundation event

EclipseCon is the leading conference for developers, architects, and open source business leaders to learn about Eclipse technologies, share best practices, and more. Join the Community to be part of special activities like Keynote Speakers, Community Day, Hacker Day, Dinner Meetups, and BoFs. Get ready to go to Ludwigsburg, Germany, (October 24-27)! 

Join Daniel Izquierdo at EclipseCon 2022 for his talk about “Practical wisdom to build your OSPO: The Good Governance Initiative” in collaboration with Boris Baldasari (from the Eclipse Foundation), they will present the GGI Handbook, discuss the missions and approaches to OSPOs, and share recommendations from practitioners to build a good, and proper, open source governance. Register now to be part of this event!

Are you going to All Things Open in Raleigh, OSPOlogy in Stockholm, and/or EclipseCon in Ludwigsburg? Contact us to meet you there so we can catch up with some news from the nest! 

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