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Back from CHAOSSCon and OSSummit

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We are back from CHAOSSCon and the OSSummit North America (and still recovering from the jet-lag). It’s been a very intense and interesting week, with several activities planned in advance, and more being added on the fly!

CHAOSSCon North America

First things first, and that’s CHAOSSCon. There were a lot of interesting talks, but the best thing has been the chance to meet with CHAOSS community face to face, exchange ideas, projects status and plan new developments for the next months.

I would like to thank Matt, Georg, and Sean for the work done managing the conference, and of course the organizing committee, for the great schedule.

There were some presentations related with GrimoireLab (Bitergia Analytics core). Beyond planned GrimoireLab talks and workshop, I gave a quick lightning talk to show how to start using Perceval in 5 minutes with a Google Collaboratory notebook (really interesting tool).

With more than 30 data sources supported, I think it’s interesting to see how easy is to get data from any of them without needing to deal with each one’s API.

And of course, there’s been CHAOSS community photo:

Check for more in the pool!

Are you ready for CHAOSSCon Europe 2019? Save the venue and date: Brussels, February, 1st, 2019

Open Source Summit North America

Open Source Summit (OSSummit) schedule is always tight, and beyond the keynotes and interesting talks, meeting with a lot of friends and colleagues is always great, so you have the feeling that there is no enough time to make it all.

One of the interesting topics during the conference has been Diversity & Inclusion (D&I). I’ve been honored to participate as panelist in one of the multiple panels planned. Really, it’s Nicole Huesman who should be sit there, but sadly she could not attend (You have been really missed, Nicole). She is doing a great work on this topic, and she’s been always a reference for me.

During the panel, we were talking about D&I research done by our organizations, like the reports done for OpenStack Foundation (you can read them here: [1], [2], [3]).

Another great moment was our participation in Brian Hsieh‘s talk:

He is currently working as Open Source Program Lead at Uber. We are working for Uber providing metrics and analytics about their Open Source Program Office (OSPO) activities:

Bitergia Analytics dashboard for Uber Open Source Program Office
Bitergia Analytics dashboard for Uber Open Source Program Office

As recent studies have shown, more and more companies are in the process of establishing an Open Source Program Office (OSPO), and one of the challenges identified by them is accessing or quantifying existing open source use and contribution. Bitergia Analytics helps Uber and other companies running an OSPO to address this challenge and helps them to reach their open source strategy goals. As the same research says:

Companies with open source programs have a culture that supports metrics, especially in terms of activity observed via online code repositories. This focus on quantifiable results explains why these open source programs are business-critical at many companies: They are looking to developers to improve and/or generate product revenues, as well as optimize operating costs.


Last but not least, on Friday morning, Jesús gave a quick intro to Graal, a side project by our colleague Valerio (that could not join us in the conference), and its potential integration with Perceval and Arthur (some GrimoireLab components)

You can read previous post to check how Graal can be integrated with GrimoireLab to run dependencies, licensing, code complexity, and code quality analysis at commit level in any project.

What’s next?

Interesting months are coming ahead. First of all we are going to be in several conferences during following weeks:

So, bunch of opportunities to meet us! Don’t miss the chance!



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