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Bitergia has arrived in Latin America!

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Last month, we were part of not one, but two Open Source events organized in Latin America! The OpenInfra Days and the Open Source Summit Latin America were broadcasted from Mexico and Brazil to the world. 

In this blog post we wanted to do a recap of our talks on these events and tell you more about what happened there.

OpenInfra Days Mexico

Bitergia goes to Latin America

The first event was on August 15, organized by Open Infrastructure User Groups from several regions in Mexico. Open Infrastructure Days Mexico is one of the regional Open Infrastructure Days. It’s focus on community development across this country. To union community efforts, to develop an Open Infrastructure community, and to provide back to each local user group in Mexico.

As an Official Metrics Partner of the OpenInfra Foundation, Bitergia wanted to be part of this event as a Sponsor. Through this partnership, OpenInfra projects get a metrics dashboard to have insights about the health of their open source projects. Projects can always ask Bitergia for help with the dashboards, metrics, and making sense of it. Thus, Bitergia joins as a Silver Member of OpenInfra Foundation to be connected and readily available to everyone.

We started our participation explaining an overview of the OpenInfra and Bitergia Partnership with an excursion into the Kata Containers Community Metrics Dashboard. Watch again here!

We also participated in the OpenInfra Days through other sessions.

  • Georg presented about Diversity, equity, and inclusion bugs in open aource projects. There are many reasons why open source projects appear uninviting to people of underrepresented groups. We consider these reasons “bugs” if the system was software. We used the idea of DEI bugs to discussed how we can identify where open source projects fall short in being inviting and inclusive. You can see the entire presentation again here.
  • Bitergia hosted another session with Kata Containers. Georg was live with Treva Williams – Community Manager at Kata project, and they did a deep-dive together into what we see on the community metrics dashboard for Kata Containers. You can watch it again here.
Bitergia goes to Latin America
Georg Link and Treva Williams presenting at the OpenInfra Days Mexico 2022

Open Source Summit Latin America

Bitergia goes to Latin America

Then, following the steps of the OSS North America, took place the Latin America Summit edition, a virtual event for open source developers, technologists and community leaders, full of content covering linux, containers, open AI + data, embedded IoT, cloud and more topics.

Daniel Izquierdo and Miguel Angel Fernandez shared with us thoughts about Collaboration as a Key Health Indicator for OSS Communities.

They provided an initial set of existing use cases where collaboration is used as a healthy community metric, an initial list of them related to the collaboration concept, and some existing software you can use to visualize them. You can explore the slides presentation here.

Bitergia goes to Latin America
Georg Link talking about Change Request Duration at the Open Source Summit Latam 2022.

Also, Georg Link and Emilio Galeano gathered to speak about Building and Supporting Open Source Communities Through Metrics”. Each community  requires different metrics for data-driven decisions about building and supporting it. After many conversations with contributors the Bitergia team realized that leaders pays attention to different aspects of their communities. In their presentation, they shared what we have learned in the CHAOSS Project about having metrics for open-source communities. They also described real-world examples of how metrics have been used to help build and support open source communities. Here is the entire slides presentation.

You can watch again these and the entire schedule sessions. They will be available soon, so stay tuned to our Twitter channel for this!

Open Source Summit Europe

Do you feel like you missed an interesting event where you wanted to meet a Bitergian? Great news! There’s another Open Source Summit (very soon!), and the European edition will be held live in person in Dublin, Ireland (and also virtually). We’ll be there as sponsors and to deliver some talks. So, don’t forget to register for the event and contact us if you want to meet us there in our booth! 

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