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Bitergia in Dublin: a week full of activities

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Sláinte! During last week, we were part of a full week of activities, events, social gatherings, networking, and interesting discussions. All of this was surrounded by the strong Irish culture which we had the opportunity to learn about on our latest trip to Dublin, Ireland.

As the Irish say, it was a week with a whale of a time, where we had different events co-locating, all happening in beautiful Dublin. We participated in the InnerSource Commons Gathering, CHAOSScon, an OSPO++ Workshop day, and, the main event, the Open Source Summit Europe with its many social events. In this blog post, we want to go through these events to tell you what we learned and the latest updates. Let’s dive in!

InnerSource Commons Gathering

We arrived to Dublin for the first event, the InnerSource Commons community had its gathering in an un-conference format. After a long time, online attendants enjoyed being in-person again.

New friends were made, ties to old ones were reinforced and we worked together in groups around a set of topics such as Getting Started with InnerSource, tools and processes, Community building, Metrics around InnerSource, ROI, and Leadership or InnerSource Program Offices.

Learn more about the InnerSource Commons Community.


Some members and guests from the CHAOSS Community had a gathering. Topics ranged from open source project health metrics to tools used by open source projects, communities, and engineering teams to track and analyze their work. 

CHAOSScon 2022
Our Bitergians presenting at CHAOSScon 2022, Georg Link with the opening remarks, Santiago Dueñas with “Present and Future of GrimoireLab” and Daniel Izquierdo with “Collaboration as Health Indicator”

The event participants presented some talks and had discussions about the latest news from the community. Some topics covered ways to grow a sustainable software ecosystem, Collaboration as a key health indicator, GrimoireLab updates, next projects, tips for building a healthy community, and the importance of having a Badging project for DEI events. You can find the recorded talks and more information about the event here!

Open Source Summit Europe

The Open Source Summit was back for the European version, this time located in Dublin. We had amazing experiences during the four-day event with keynotes and sessions, interesting conversations at the sponsor showcase, and different events around the week.

Continue reading to have a recap of our participation at the Open Source Summit as sponsors with our booth, a walk through the different sessions on the Schedule, including the Bitergians talks, and more!

Open Source Summit Europe Dublin

What was on the Dublin Schedule?

The Open Source Summit was an umbrella conference, composed of events covering the most important technologies, innovations, and issues affecting open source today with different sessions and workshops. Topics were organized into conference tracks like LinuxCon, OSPOCon, SupplyChainSecurityCon, Community Leadership Conference, Diversity Empowerment Summit, and more!

There were also interesting Keynote presentations where they covered topics about Open Source today, how to build a sustainable future through Open Source, Commercial media and the Open Web, and many other topics, all presented by speakers from different organizations and companies like Google, the World Health Organization, and Ericsson, to mention a few of them.

Bitergians on stage!

We also completed the schedule with our talks, sharing and talking with the audience about different topics. 

First, Georg Link and Emilio Galeano talked about “Building and Supporting Open Source Communities Through Metrics”, where they explained how to use metrics to identify where the community needs help and track if actions lead to changes, the importance of presenting metrics in context, and being transparent with the community about metrics, providing public dashboard and publishing reports.

Georg and Emilio at their presentation with a complete room in Dublin
Room full of people to see the talk of Georg Link and Emilio Galeano 

The talk was very popular, with several people connected virtually to the talks and with a room full of people and many others who couldn’t get in. The organizers asked us to make an encore presentation again, this time at the main stage. Huge honor for Bitergia! 

Georg and Emilio at the encore presentation on the main stage in Dublin
Georg and Emilio at the encore presentation on the main stage. Kudos to them!

Then, our CEO, Daniel Izquierdo presented his talk “Defining the Limits of Risk”. He opened the discussion by presenting existing threats when measuring communities, called “Countering Community Threats” to any of the dependencies that may appear in an SBoM and also considering working with OSS communities as providers.

Daniel Izquierdo presenting his talk “Defining the Limits of Risk” on day three in Dublin
Daniel Izquierdo presenting his talk “Defining the Limits of Risk” on day three.

Georg Link went again on stage, this time to talk about “Squashing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Bugs in Open Source Projects.” Georg explained ways to identify DEI issues and squash these bugs. The goal is to invite and use the potential of everyone who has an interest in our open source projects. The audience walked away with actionable steps to take a new look at their open source projects and start making a positive difference.

These talks will be available on record on the Linux Foundation Youtube Channel soon!

Sponsors Showcase

We were proud sponsors of the Open Source Summit Europe, showing our commitment to Open Source Communities. We had a Bitergia booth on the Sponsor Showcase, a lounge with all sponsors where they showed the latest updates, products, and services. It was great to connect with different people and customers. The attendees could participate in a game for a bingo raffle. The goal was to collect stamps from all sponsor booths for the chance of winning a prize!

Sponsor showcase at Dublin

At our booth, we showed our products Bitergia Analytics and Cauldron Cloud. The booth visitors had the chance to explore dashboards in our free demos.

Supporting Open Source projects, we also showed interesting information about OSPOs (Open Source Program Office), how to start your journey, build your own OSPO, and the values of having one. We also provided similar information about our InnerSource services.

We also shared our knowledge about Project and Community Health. Attendees could learn about the communities we work with such as the CHAOSS project or the GrimoireLab software. We also talked about our work with foundations such as the Linux Foundation, Wikimedia, Mozilla, Open Networking Foundation, and FINOS. Finally, we were proud to highlight having become the Official Metrics Partner of the OpenInfra Foundation and the NumFOCUS Foundation.

Do you want to know more about these topics? Contact us and we can discuss about them!

Social evening events around Dublin

Besides the daily sessions, presentations, and sponsor booths at the Convention Centre, we also had evening activities every day around Dublin! 

The All-Attendees Reception was hosted at the Guinness Storehouse, a museum about the most important brand of Ireland. The invite-only Speaker and Media event was hosted at the Teeling Whiskey Distillery. The Linux Foundation knows how to throw great parties! These and other social events (like a walking tour on the streets of Dublin!) were interesting and important networking opportunities to connect with partners, customers, friends, and new people we met, with some traditional Irish meals and of course, Guinness beer!

Our agenda doesn’t stop and our next stop is the NumFOCUS Project Summit in Santa Rosa, California, and more events ahead! Stay tuned to our Twitter Channel to have the latest news from the Owl!

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