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CHAOSS related activities during Open Source Summit North America

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The Linux Foundation Open Source Summit North America 2017 is over, and we are already on the road for the next conference! But less brief some activities related with CHAOSS project during the last Open Source Summit in LA:

During Jim’s opening keynote, he presented the CHAOSS project. You can see the keynote video online:

The CHAOSS board met later on Monday, and there was a couple of presentations during the day:

You can read in previous post about our commitment with the CHAOSS Software group. During last months, we have also integrated Perceval (the retrieval part of GrimoireLab) in Prospector. Prospector is a tool initiated by the Red Hat legal department in 2012, and contributed to CHAOSS Software group by Red Hat.

And of course, there is already a GrimoireLab based dashboard for CHAOSS Community.

CHAOSS Community dashboard done with GrimoireLab
CHAOSS Community dashboard done with GrimoireLab

Join the CHAOSS Community:

And don’t forget to join the GrimoireLab mailing list!!!



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