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Community Leadership Summit recap

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Our journey in Portland started with a very special event: Community Leadership Summit on 18th and 19th July. Also known as CLS, it has been the perfect event for feeling the engine behind most of the Open Source projects: Community.

Jesus talking with community manangers from OpenStack, Ceph, etc.

Driven by Jono Bacon and some volunteers on an unconference way, there have been a lot of interesting topics, and one of them was about extending the meeting beyond the venue and the meeting date in two ways:

  • Creation and participation on a forum called Community Leadership Forum, focus on the topics and interests that have appeared in the CLS and many more that might be forgotten due to lack of time
  • Expanding the CLS to other locations, creating the CLSx brand. And of course, we will have a CLSxMadrid during 2015, stay tunned!! (if you want to collaborate, contact us)

There was a 15 minutes keynote from Jesús about how to use analytics to improve responsiveness in community management, and after that we had a track about Analytics and metrics for community-owned software development. Of course, many of the questions have been related to the services we provide and tools we use like MetricsGrimoire and VizGrimoire.

Jesus talking about community metrics in CLS14

We have participated in interesting tracks like How to move from proprietary to open source development?, Building programs and other ways to engage your community, and there were many others.

Crowded venue

During this two days we have learnt a lot, and we have seen the interest on community metrics, and that joins with the next step of our journey, the Free / Libre Open Source Community Metrics meeting, but that will be another post. Stay tunned!



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