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InnerSource Spain, first meeting and next steps

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The InnerSource Spain community had its first meeting, and we are already planning next steps. Let’s start by briefing first meeting outcomes.

Around 15-20 people joined in Liferay Spain offices (once again, thank you so much for such wonderful venue). I would like to thank our friends from GitHub that came with cool stickers and some copies of Getting Started With InnerSource book. We should have brought copies of our under development open book about innersource projects management.

The first part was more a basic introduction to innersource concept and the InnerSource Spain community. I’ve ran the presentation mostly in Spanish because big part of the audience was Spanish and most of the non-Spanish people already knew the basic things:

After this basic intro, Georg Gruetter, from Robert Bosch GmbH, shared Bosch‘s experience setting up BIOS (Bosch Internal Open Source), that was actually their innersource approach even before they knew it was called innersource.

This was one of the best talks I’ve ever seen about innersource, because their long experience and the issues they have faced, and how they have faced them, are really valuable for any organization willing to adopt innersource:

After Georg, Israel Herraiz, from BBVA Data, gave a very good talk about what Data Science can learn from open source. I really love how he introduced the question:

Have ever people died because Software Engineering best practices were ignored?

And it was nice seeing how he is using GrimoireLab to foster data driven rules and guidelines culture inside BBVA Data. You need to see it:

And last, Daniel Izquierdo and Georg introduced the InnerSource Commons community, where they are active members, and the work they are doing in the InnerSource Patterns working group.

Again, I would like to thank specially for their support and long trip, Jorge, from Entelgy and Nerea, from Zylk, that came from Bilbao; Alain, from GitHub, that came from France; Georg that came from Germany. Also thank you to all the attendees that have made possible this first meeting. And last but not least, thank you so much Javier Gamarra, for recording and editing the videos (you deserved the Octocat figurine prize), and Liferay Spain for the venue and the pizzas!

Now, it’s time to think about the next one.

So, what’s next?

First of all, you are more than welcome to join the InnerSource Spain Meetup group, and of course, to comment and to suggest new activities if you are interested in an specific topic.

Currently, we are working on having a new meetup in Bilbao by the end of May and probably another one during OpenExpo Europe 2018.Stay tuned!



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