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Let’s go to Brussels! Bitergians getting ready for CHAOSScon and FOSDEM!

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Join us in Brussels, February 3-6, for CHAOSScon and FOSDEM with lots of Belgian waffles and beers. 

We’re starting this year’s trips big time! The Brussels trip is just around the corner, and almost the complete Bitergia team is getting ready for the events in the first week of February. Read more about the events we’re heading to and why you should be there too!

Meet us at CHAOSScon

chaosscon at brussels

The next CHAOSScon event is scheduled one day before FOSDEM, to take place on February 3rd in Brussels, Belgium. CHAOSScon is a conference that brings together a community of developers, researchers, and practitioners dedicated to improving the state of open source software (OSS) health and sustainability. The event will provide an opportunity for attendees to network with other like-minded individuals and learn about the latest developments in the field of OSS health and sustainability.

This year’s CHAOSScon will be made up of several interactive sessions. The morning is about open source community health and the main part of the event. The afternoon has two parallel workshops focused on the two projects: Augur and GrimoireLab. During the lunch break, OSPO++ is hosting a workshop about metrics for academic open source projects (separate registration required, available for free). 

The conference is open to anyone interested in open source software, whether you are a developer, researcher, or practitioner. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about the CHAOSS project or who wants to get involved and make a difference in the OSS community.

GrimoireLab Workshop – get a taste of open source analytics

grimoirelab workshop hosted by bitergia at brussels

We are also hosting a workshop in the afternoon about GrimoireLab tools to learn new things about Bitergia Analytics and meet others who are doing metrics. The topics you will find includes: 

The appetizer: GrimoireLab History and Use Cases

GrimoireLab is a set of tools to retrieve, organize, analyze, and visualize data from software development repositories. Many things have changed since the last time GrimoireLab was at CHAOSScon: new functionalities, a pair of successful Google Summer of Code projects, and OpenSearch support. In this talk, we will introduce the new features and components of the platform and the brand-new road map for the near future. We’re also having some guest users of GrimoireLab share how they use the tools. Stay tuned to meet them!

The main course: Workshops!

  • Notebooks for Data Cooking: Showcase how to use GrimoireLab data using Notebooks – Free software like GrimoireLab and Python notebooks allow you to process the collected data in any way you want. Your imagination is the limit! In this workshop, we’ll show you how to leverage Python notebooks to play with data collected by GrimoireLab. Comment your use case on Slack or the mailing list, so we adapt the examples!
  • Find Your Newcomers: Identify new members of the community – Metric of the Month – Welcoming, helping, and encouraging your newcomers as they join your community are key practices for retention. Visualizations and metrics help you monitor how they are doing. And identifying them is the first step.
  • Network Graphs for Fun & …Insights: Network Analysis – Network graphs are eye candy and impressive. And GrimoireLab provides them. Learn how to use them for exploring your data and then tune them to get your point across …or just for showing off; why not? 

The desert: Food and drinks

After CHAOSScon, we plan to go for beers and dinner somewhere local. You are invited to join us. Let us know in advance, or follow the crowd when we leave CHAOSScon.

We hope to see you at CHAOSScon and the GrimoireLab workshop! Check the full schedule agenda for this CHAOSS day. Want to participate? Register now for a full day of metrics and tools experience!

Next event at Brussels: FOSDEM!

fosdem insights

Let me share a secret: Bitergia has a hack for FOSDEM!. We come early and occupy a table in the cafeteria. We bring extension cables and share the electricity with anyone who needs a place to recharge their devices. This also means you know where to find us.!

So, are you coming to FOSDEM? Don’t miss the talk of our Bitergian, Pablo Hinojosa, about Free Culture CV: an open source idea to show the community your contributions.


fosdem logo at brussels

FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Developers’ European Meeting) is an annual event in Brussels, Belgium. It is dedicated to promoting the use and development of free and open-source software. The next FOSDEM event is scheduled for February 4th and 5th, 2023, at the Université libre de Bruxelles.

One of the highlights of FOSDEM is its “Developer Rooms,” where developers can gather to discuss and work on specific projects in a more informal setting. This year’s event will feature developer rooms for projects such as Linux, OpenStack, Debian, and many more.

In addition to the talks and discussions, FOSDEM also features a large exhibition area where companies and organizations can showcase their products and services. This is a great opportunity for attendees to learn about the latest developments in the open-source world and to meet the people behind the projects they use and rely on.

FOSDEM is a volunteer-run event, and it is free to attend. So, it is a great opportunity for anyone interested in open-source software to learn, share, and connect with other like-minded individuals.

Join us in Brussels

The entire team of Bitergians will be in Brussels to meet you there and talk about metrics and dashboards, the latest updates on our platform, help you with any concern you may have, or for some advice about starting your own Open Source Program Office or discover about InnerSource, you name. We’ll do our best to share some knowledge! 

And, to mention a few, you can meet with Georg, our Director of Sales, our Consultancy team with Igor, Luis, and Miguel Angel, or our Engineering team led by Santiago. They’ll be happy to talk to you! 

See you in the marvelous city of Brussels to share all together Belgian waffles and beers! 😉

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