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Let’s meet in Vancouver for CHAOSSCon and OSSNA

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Once again, you can meet us in the Open Source Summit North America (OSSNA). But this time is going to be really special, because it’s the first time the Linux Foundation is running CHAOSSCon around OSSNA.

It was one year ago when CHAOSS was announced, and the little project we started years ago joined this amazing initiative.

During this year, many things have changed in GrimoireLab, and the GrimoireCon we used to run around FOSDEM changed its name for CHAOSSCon Europe. And the time for CHAOSSCon North America has arrived. It’s not run by Bitergia anymore, but we are sponsoring as true believers of the need of open source metrics and analytics for open source software development (and any kind of software development in general).

If you want to meet us, to know more about GrimoireLab and Bitergia Analytics, we are going to be in Vancouver for CHAOSSCon North America. But we’ll be also participating in several sessions during OSSNA:

Don’t miss the chance to know more about how Bitergia can help you to improve software development management through software development analytics. Meet us in Vancouver next week!



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