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More from Open Source Summit North America: Community and Diversity Summits

From left to right: Daniel Izquierdo, Manrique López and Jesús M. González-Barahona

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Our week in LA for the Open Source Summit North America was not only about CHAOSS.

We spent the Tuesday’s morning with some of our customers and friends, in a GrimoireLab dashboards training session.

On Wednesday, I gave an update of my Data Science for Community Managers talk:

I’d love doing it more “practical” for the next time. Probably a little workshop showing how to start producing data and playing with the data easily, would be a good choice. I need to work on it!

Thursday, 14th: Diversity summit

Thursday was the Diversity Summit day, and our colleague Daniel was in, at least, 2 sessions:

1) An open discussion panel about how to go beyond the average 10% presence of women in open source communities. As part of the panel, some stats from the OpenStack community were shown:

2) An open interactive discussion divided into two parts:

  • The session first part was focused on the tool that was used to capture the data for the OpenStack Gender Diversity report with emphasis on how it could be applied to diversity research across other open source communities.
  • The second part was focused on lessons learned from the earlier OpenStack Gender Diversity research, and to collect real-time feedback from attendees about what additional parameters and aspects they’d like to see us capture and analyze in future OpenStack Gender Diversity reports.

We are already setting up everything for the Open Source Summit Europe in Prague. If you want to join us there, drop us an email and let’s meet!



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