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Open Source Leadership Summit 2018, here we go!

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Once again, we will be at the Open Source Leadership Summit, the invitational event organized by The Linux Foundation. This year, the event is happening in Sonoma (we’ll miss the last years snow in Squaw Creek) and we will be presenting the state of GrimoireLab to our friends there.

Daniel Izquierdo will be participating toghether with Nicole Huesman and Matt Germonprez in a session about Diversity & Inclusion, one particular metric supported by the CHAOSS project. Matt, Daniel, and Nicole will discuss work that has been done to-date with respect to the open source Diversity & Inclusion reports at OpenStack, the software used to generate these reports, the relationship between these reports and the CHAOSS project, and methods by which other open source projects could generate reports of their own.

But before the OSLS, on Monday (today), we will have a couple of meetings and internal workshops in Mozilla and Twitter Inc. headquarters in San Francisco.

If you are around, let’s meet and talk about software development analytics, CHAOSS and/or GrimoireLab!



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