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Open Source Summit Europe is coming soon!

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It’s time to go to Europe! The Open Source Summit Europe 2022 is taking place on September 13-16 in Dublin, Ireland, and online. So, in this blog post, we want to share with you news about this event and our participation there.

Open Source Summit (OSS) is the premier event for open source developers, technologists, and community leaders to collaborate, share information, solve problems, and gain knowledge, furthering open source innovation and ensuring a sustainable open source ecosystem. The OSS takes place in many regions, including Japan, Europe, and the United States. It is the gathering place for open source code and community contributors. 

Summit Schedule

The Open Source Summit is a conference umbrella, composed of events covering the most important technologies,  innovations, and issues affecting open source today.

At the Open Source Summit Europe, hot topics include:

  • Linuxcon 
  • Embedded Linux Conference 
  • CloudOpen 
  • ContainerCon 
  • OSPOCon 
  • SupplyChainSecurityCon 
  • Critical Software Summit 
  • Community Leadership Conference 
  • Emerging OS Forum 
  • Embedded IoT Summit 
  • Diversity Empowerment Summit 
  • Open AI + Data Forum 
  • Open Source On-Ramp 

The tracks will be held in a hybrid format; an in-person conference with a simultaneous virtual event.

Here’s what you can find at Open Source Summit Europe:

Monday, September 129:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Project Mini-Summits & Co-located Events
Tuesday, September 138:00 AM – 6:00 PM
First Time Attendee Breakfast, OSS Keynotes, Breakout Sessions, Women in Open Source Lunch, Co-located Events, Opening Reception (after sessions conclude)
Wednesday, September 149:00 AM – 6:00 PM
OSS Keynotes, Breakout Sessions + Sponsor Showcase, Co-located Events, On-Site Attendee Reception + Diversity Social (after sessions conclude)
Thursday, September 159:00 AM – 6:00 PM
OSS Keynotes, Breakout Sessions + Sponsor Showcase, Co-located Events, On-Site Attendee Reception + Diversity Social (after sessions conclude)
Friday, September 169:00 AM – 6:00 PM
OSS Keynotes, Breakout Sessions + Sponsor Showcase, Co-located Events
All times are shown in Irish Standard Time (IST), UTC +1.

Bitergia talks at OSS Europe:

Some of our own Bitergians are providing talks:

Building and Supporting Open Source Communities Through Metrics

Each community is different, and therefore, requires different metrics for data-driven decisions about building and supporting it. The CHAOSS Project was established to help empower open source communities through metrics. We have had many conversations with contributors and realized that everyone pays attention to different aspects of their communities. In this talk, Georg and Emilio will share what we have learned in the CHAOSS Project about having metrics for open source communities. Once the right metrics have been decided on, both technical and organizational challenges need to be overcome, which we discuss how to do. Finally, this talk will describe real-world examples of how metrics have been used to help build and support open source communities.

Defining the Limits of Risks

Supply chain discussions usually focus on source code related aspects. Even this call brings into context some of the well known issues such as “Countering Build Threats”, “Source Code Level Problems”, or “Dependency Threats”. Although this is not specifically detailed in the call, there is discussion on the communities that maintain that software or what we can call sustainability of those open source projects, and there are initiatives either at the Linux Foundation or other Foundations willing to mitigate this issue. However, there is little evidence and discussion on community-metrics-related risk. With this talk, Daniel aims to hopefully open this discussion by presenting existing threats when measuring communities, and we could call as “Countering Community Threats” to any of the dependencies that may appear in your SBoM.

Squashing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Bugs in Open Source Projects

We know open source software projects are hyper-collaborative environments, but surveys reveal that project members lack diversity. There are many reasons why open source projects appear uninviting to people of underrepresented groups. We would consider these reasons “bugs” if the system was software. We’ll use the idea of DEI bugs to discuss with Georg how we can identify where open source projects fall short in being welcoming and inclusive. The goal of this framing is to find ways to squash these bugs and bring out the potential of everyone who has an interest in our open source projects. The primary takeaway is to walk in the shoes of others and take a fresh look at your project. You will walk away with actionable steps to take a new look at their own open source projects and start making a positive difference.

Bitergia as a Bronze Sponsor at OSS Europe

Open Source Summit Europe

To show Bitergia’s commitment to Open Source Communities, we decided to engage with the Open Source Summit Europe beyond giving talks.

We’re glad to announce our sponsorship of the event as a Bronze Sponsor!

Lots of materials and information about Open Source will be available at our booth. Our main topics include:

  • Bitergia services for building your own OSPO, How to start and implement our tools 
  • Navigating through our OSPO(aaS) Framework

You’ll also have live demonstrations of the Bitergia Analytics Platform to show features and benefits of our platform. If you’re interested in InnerSource topics, we’re ready to discuss!

Several Bitergians will be there, so don’t hesitate to contact us in advance, in case you want to meet them! 

Besides our Bitergian speakers -Georg, Daniel, and Emilio- will join them, Igor Zubiaurre (Director of Consultancy), Santiago Dueñas (CTO), and Matt Cantu (Communications and DEI Expert) will be ready top meet at the Open Source Summit Europe.

Open Source Summit Europe

In case you’ll join virtually at the event, we’ll be available at the virtual booth showcase! There you can find general information about Bitergia, our products, and services, interactive videos to explain in detail, flyers, brochures, and uses cases to know more about! Also, you can contact us directly there through the chat or schedule meetings, we’ll be available to answer during the event days.

Open Source Summit Europe

So don’t forget to visit our booth during the event days (in person and virtually!), will be happy to welcome you! 

Want to learn all about open source, embedded Linux, security, IoT, Linux systems cloud, AI, emerging tech, and much more? Then join us at Open Source Summit Europe. Learn more and register today.


Open Source Summit Europe

Learn about open source project health metrics and tools used by open source projects, communities, and engineering teams to track and analyze their community work. This conference will provide a venue for discussing open source project health, CHAOSS updates, use cases, and hands-on workshops for developers, community managers, project managers, and anyone interested in measuring open source project health. We will also share insights from the CHAOSS working groups on Diversity and Inclusion, Evolution, Risk, Value, and Common Metrics.

Bitergia supports the CHAOSS Community and we can’t miss this event. That’s why we are part of the Sponsors this year, and also will support you with some talks from our Bitergians:

First, Santiago Dueñas will talk about “Present and Future of GrimoireLab”, introducing the new features and components of the platform and the brand new roadmap for the near future.

Then, Daniel Izquierdo aims to provide with his talk “Collaboration as a Key Health Indicator for OSS Communities” an initial set of existing use cases where collaboration is used as a metric of a healthy community, an initial list of metrics related to the collaboration concept that we can standardize within CHAOSS, and some existing CHAOSS-related collaboration visualizations.

Also, with a lightning talk titled “A Grocery Store of Metrics and Models”, Georg Link will explain to us how CHAOSS presents metrics and models using the metaphor of a grocery store.

  • Where? Dublin, Ireland & Live Streaming at their YouTube Channel.
  • When? September 12th, 2022
  • Registration for the in-person CHAOSScon event is part of the OSS Europe!

Will see you on Dublin streets! 🦉🇮🇪

Open Source Summit Europe

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