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Kibiter new release now supporting Open Distro for ElasticSearch

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Bitergia has migrated Kibiter to ES/Kibana versión 6.8.6 that will improve Bitergia Analytics platform to add new functionalities, bug fixes, and security improvements from upstream. Kibiter is a custom soft fork of Kibana which powers GrimoireLab Panels with metrics & data visualizations. This post summarises major improvements

Major updates


1. OpenDistro for ElasticSearch

This update allows Bitergia to fully support OpenDistro for Elasticsearch (ODFE). As some people might know, we have been using Elasticsearch and Kibana as key components of the GrimoireLab open source project for many years.

Elastic is making some Elasticsearch features part of their proprietary software. This blocks us from integrating these proprietary features in our services for customers, because we have made a commitment to use and provide only 100% free and open source software.

With Open Distro for Elasticsearch, we are “keeping Open Source Open”. For this reason, we decided to support Open Distro for ElasticSearch the same way we are doing with cauldron.io.


2. More flexibility

The new Kibiter version allows ad-hoc time pickers, thus granting more flexibility to pinpoint the data that matters. For example, you could set time pickers to the dates of releases to analyze the software development activity for each release. Below figure shows this in an example for GrimoireLab.



3. Kibiter plugins compatibility

The Kibiter plugins have been migrated to 6.8.6, thus they can be used in this new version of Kibiter.


4. New Layout and landing page design

The widgets’ layout and font size in Kibiter 6.8.6 has changed, but the functionalities are the same. The Kibiter landing page is also slightly different, featuring our new logo.


ES/Kibana new functionalities

For more information on what has changed between Kibana versions, take a look at the official release notes of ES/Kibana 6.8.6:


Providing updates to customers

All Bitergia customers can now enjoy the updated and improved Kibiter for their dashboards.

Not a Bitergia customer but interested in this updated and future updates? Talk to a sales representative now.





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