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Maximizing Savings: The Power of Metrics for Time and Cost Efficiency


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Efficiency often goes unnoticed until it is linked to financial outcomes. However, it refers to achieving optimal performance while minimizing time and effort wastage. Assessing if you’re investing your time in the right direction is crucial. By leveraging metrics to analyze efficiency, you can identify areas of improvement and reduce costs.

In this blog post, we wanted to show the importance of having accurate data and control of it to have a total view of your project. This shouldn’t be anything you would like to have; it’s a must to improve your daily work.

The Value of Efficiency Metrics

The experience from our Account Managers shows a different perspective than you would probably be reflected at:

      • Do you still use spreadsheets to have data from the projects you are interested in?

      • Are you still employing different platforms to collect data from various sources?

      • Do you still have different accounts to have data?

      • Are you the owner of the data?

      • Are you aware of what providers are contributing to your projects? Are they contributing as expected? Is the amount of money you are paying for being reflected on that code?

    Increase Your Efficiency with Bitergia Analytics Platform

    If you add up the time you’ve spent trying to solve previous answers, you might inadvertently waste valuable time. To increase your efficiency, consider using Bitergia Analytics, which may require spending money but can save you time and effort. Bitergia Analytics Platform helps you:

        • To understand the efficiencies of your development processes.

        • To measure how efficient your providers are.

        • To know where your contributors are wasting time (bottlenecks).

        • To find who the more efficient contributors are.

      All the measures above will show you the next steps to follow on your company or foundation and make important decisions:

          • Gain control over providers’ performance for increased efficiency and negotiation power.

          • You can decide on new ways of working to unlock tasks.

          • You can focus on what matters to you by saving time and effort on things that can be automatized.

          • You can take care of and retain the best contributors in your project and assess their evolution over time.

          • You may save time on your daily work and be more efficient.

          • You will reduce costs and save money.

        How can you become more efficient by saving time?

        You will save time, even with several projects and many repositories:

            • Avoid having different accounts.

            • More than 40 data sources are available in the same place, not only aggregating them. This allows us to cross data across different sources.

              • By creating and sharing your own visualizations for different purposes by tuning the visualizations to your needs, you can avoid calculations and disclaimers. With available filters like date period, repository, organization, project, or by contributor: reports, human resources, getting funds, hackathons. All directly from the dashboard.

              • Having updated data in real-time.

            How Can Efficiency Lead to Cost Savings?

            Being efficient can help in saving money in several ways:

                • Taking control of the tasks your providers are doing for you.

              Visualization examples of an average time to attend and close tickets, from the Chaoss Community

                  • Applying new ways of work to avoid bottlenecks.

                Visualization example of the dashboard showing a summary, status of projects and others, from the Chaoss Community

                    • Unlocking tasks on time.

                    • Retaining and attracting the best and more efficient contributors to your project. See the Metric of the Month chapter focus on the Attracted Developers metric.

                  Visualization example of a dashboard showing the contributor’s insights from the Chaoss Community

                  More Benefits to Being Efficient

                  Incorporating efficiency metrics can further enhance the benefits you will receive, and Bitergia Analytics includes the following:

                      • Being the owner of your data.

                      • Having a private dashboard if necessary.

                      • Knowing the profile of the contributors.

                      • Knowing the contributing companies, foundations, or organizations (dependency).

                      • Take into account the diversity of your projects.

                      • Being transparent with your boss, community, project, and contributors.

                      • Helping to make decisions according to the real data.

                      • Getting financing for the project.

                      • Finding the perfect person for your company or foundation.

                      • Knowing that the data is GDPR, ISO 27001, and ISO 9001 compliance.

                    We’d love to hear from you! Whether you’re looking to cut costs or ditch those tedious spreadsheets, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us today, and let’s make efficiency and savings a reality for your business. Don’t wait; remember, time is money! 😉

                    Written in collaboration with Virginia Fernández 🦉

                    Emilio Galeano Gryciuk

                    Emilio Galeano Gryciuk

                    Marketing Specialist at Bitergia

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