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Metrics for everyone: How Bitergia Analytics satisfies different needs

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The Bitergia Analytics services can be effective for many different tasks. Our different user profiles have various metrics and goals and work in many industry sectors, teams, or business. Each one of them can customize the tool to their specific needs.

In this blog post, we want to dive into the analysis of different types of profiles or teams that can use Bitergia Analytics for their daily work. 

Every user profile is working for its unique goals and has its objectives and specific tasks daily. When thinking about users of the Bitergia Analytics platform, one of the first user profiles that come to mind is the community manager. But, other profiles get an advantage from tracking projects and understanding analytics to answer specific questions. 

So, what user profiles are typically interested in metrics? What information can they gain from that data? Let’s talk about some of these profiles and the advantages they gain from using Bitergia Analytics services for their purposes.

Community Managers: the Quarterbacks

Bitergia Analytics metrics

The community manager ensures things run smoothly and everyone on the team has the chance to grow.

They need to see data from multiple sources in one dashboard to assess the community health of the development community they manage. Their dashboard would show information about community activity and size, community demographics, and contributor affiliations.

Community posting issues, map and activity status, as seen in cauldron.io
Community posting issues, map and activity status, as seen in cauldron.io

Bitergia Analytics metrics frees up them for spending time in community activities and getting people to talk and contribute, react to the community, and keep people engaged

So, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) should be set for each community based on its goals. It’s part of the job to elaborate reports with multiple metrics on community health. But, measuring should be an effective task.

Also, you can read 5 reasons why community managers should have a dashboard that provides all the data about the community they manage.

Engineering and development teams: the Builders

Bitergia Analytics metrics

The engineering and development teams are responsible for the actual production and building of a product or service. They are the ones carrying out all of the sprints and working on new features, updates, and fixes.

Therefore, they need to have the efficiency that comes from data-driven decisions based on information about software teams: 

  • Bottlenecks: they need tools to identify this issue so they can look for solutions to improve the efficiency of the workflow.
  • Code review performance: how much time each developer spends on tasks is a measure of how involved each developer on the team is.
  • Backlog management index: provides a very good indication of the success of the project work and an understanding of the stability and control.
Last 2 years Gerrit backlog, from one of our WiP projects
Last 2 years Gerrit backlog, from one of our WiP projects

Bitergia Analytics metrics provides the opportunity to identify issues and have a detailed insight on the performance of the analyzed project so this can help them to solve problems effectively. They can monitor these projects and can help them to be effective to save time and cost in their work. 

Business and Marketing managers: the Frontliners

Bitergia Analytics metrics

The Business and Marketing managers are in charge of promoting a business, product, or service. So, they make sure that the company is communicating the right messaging to attract prospective customers and retain existing ones. They can leverage software development data for communication and positioning in the market. 

Thus, the managers need a deep understanding of the addressable market, target audience, and how the product or service they are promoting helps solve customers’ pain points.

Organizations contributions for the last 5 years in Eclipse Foundation projects 
Organizations contributions for the last 5 years in Eclipse Foundation projects 

Bitergia Analytics metrics can provide with tools for marketing messaging such as independent reports and data about project maturity levels. Company bench-marking and positioning compared to competitors in open source allow crafting targeted messaging campaigns.

Project consultants and business analysts: the helpful hands

Bitergia Analytics metrics

The project consultants and business analysts in open source can use software development analytics to contribute their operational, strategic, or technical expertise to projects. 

They need to determine project parameters, develop project plans in line with business objectives, and also, assign project tasks and resource for collaboration with clients.

Bitergia Analytics metrics provides project consultants and business analysts with:

  • Project or company transparency analysis
  • Due diligence reports, understanding activity, and its value
  • Auditing, certifying participation, experience
  • Project neutrality, fair treatment between competitors

Human Resources managers: the Keepers

Bitergia Analytics metrics

The Human Resources managers need to support a good culture and help retain people at the company, as well, they search to maximize employee performance in service of an employer’s strategic objectives.

They need metrics to oversee the entire work environment for monitoring and keeping the employees satisfied with the culture of the company.

Custom panel showing commits activity, GitHub backlog management index, average response time, and average lead time
Custom panel showing commits activity, GitHub backlog management index, average response time, and average lead time

Bitergia Analytics developer’s metrics can help create a good work environment by identifying communication and collaboration patterns as well as tensions and friction that need to be resolved, to obtain good results on the goals.

Customizing Bitergia Analytics for you

Above, we discussed how people of different profiles would use Bitergia Analytics. Each one can customize the platform to serve their specific needs.

In addition, Bitergia Analytics is a complete solution to get full insights into software development projects. It is a solution that includes an analytics platform, training, support, and consultancy to make the most use of it. 

So, if you’re interested in a full-service that includes this features, you can start by scheduling a demo

Your profile is not detailed in this blog? Then, Bitergia can help you to build custom panels aligned with your goals. Contact our team who will answer all your questions and give you the information you need for your decision!

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Emilio Galeano Gryciuk

Emilio Galeano Gryciuk

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