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Some metrics of Open Source development in “the Cloud”

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Are you still waiting for “The Year of the Desktop”? Not sure when it will happen, but it is clear that the Open Source movement around “Cloud Computing” is growing and growing.

The number of companies releasing Open Source code, contributing to Open Source cloud projects increases each month. A good example to see it is the “under developmentCNCF Grimoire Dashboard:

Table and chart showing CNCF organizations diversity numbers and evolution
CNCF organizations diversity numbers and evolution

And during these days, in events like CloudNativeCon and KubeCon we’ll see more data and insights about how big the open cloud ecosystem is becoming. Do you want a preview?

Another meeting that has shown the community behind a cloud open source project has been yesterday’s OpenShift Commons Gathering. The data shows that project is growing in diversity by simply measuring the number of different email domains used in contributions (from 4 in 2011 to 96 in 2016):

Chart showing number of git contributors email domains growing
Git contributors email domains evolution

Other metrics can be seen in the beta OpenShift Grimoire Dashboard:

OpenShift Grimoire Dashboard overview panel
OpenShift Grimoire Dashboard overview panel

And containters? They seem to be the new mantra in software deployment, and projects like OCI provide an open governance structure (project), formed under the auspices of the Linux Foundation, for the express purpose of creating open industry standards around container formats and runtime. And, again, OCI Grimoire Dashboard data shows the diversity of companies and organizations involved in such important project:

Open Containers Initiative Grimoire Dashboard overview
Open Containers Initiative Grimoire Dashboard overview

Take these dashboards with care, because they might contain some erros, but they clearly show the open cloud ecosystem growing in terms of contributors and organizations. They will be improved during following months, because that’s our job for our customers involved here: OCI, CNCF and Red Hat. Thanks them for supporting us on working in Open Source transparency through metrics and open analytics.

During these weeks we have also set up some demo (they might be not maintained after they are released, and affiliation information is provided by a third party) dashboards for The Newstack:

If you are interested in running such analysis for you, let us know or come to our GrimoireCon meeting in Brussels, close to FOSDEM!



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