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Bitergia joins the OSPO Alliance

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Open source is coming of age. Corporations have started to embrace open source and are establishing best practices for managing their engagement with open source software and communities. However, some organisations that are willing to adopt open source software methods require support and guidance during their first steps. This is where the OSPO Alliance comes into play. 

What is the OSPO Alliance?

An Open Source Program Office (OSPO) is the center of excellence in an organization for all things related to open source. An OSPO establishes policies around consuming and contributing to open source software, tracks the health of relevant open source projects, and reports about the value open source provides to the organization.

The OSPO Alliance was launched in June 2021 as a European-based initiative to grow awareness for open source in the European Ecosystem. Within the OSPO Alliance platform, world class materials on good governance for OSPOs will be shared and promoted to manage open source projects in a secure and sustainable way. 

From the usage and the release of open source software, the OSPO Alliance aims to facilitate discovery of tools and best practices for organizations willing to professionally implement open source software practices. 

Bitergia’s experience with OSPO

Bitergia has been providing services to OSPOs for many years and is looking forward to sharing its expertise and insights with other members of the OSPO Alliance.

To go into a bit of history, Bitergia was started to answer questions OSPOs had about open source projects by providing reliable data, metrics and insights. Over the years, Bitergia’s experience and expertise has broadened to now include many services around OSPOs. For example, take a look at the many use cases with some of our customers

To learn more about Bitergia’s OSPO services, take a look at Bitergia Analytics for Open Source Programs and schedule a demo to find out how we can help you!



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