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First steps mining Gerrit

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Gerrit is becoming more and more popular in open source communities, being an essential part of the Wikimedia or OpenStack foundations among others.

We, at Bitergia, have started the process to include the information provided by Gerrit API in our toolset to finally obtain dashboards with specific information from the review process. So project managers can deal with big amount of data from this repository in an easier way, having aggregated numbers, but also with the possibility to deepen in the numbers and details if required.

With this in mind, a new backend has been included in Bicho [1] (still work in progress) and a new library to analyze the resultant database can be found in VizGrimoireR [2] (also work in progress).

There are five functions so far:

  • EvolReviews: evolution of reviews per type (merged, new, workinprogress, abandoned,…) and per period of time (month, year, week, …)
  • EvolReviewers: evolution of the reviewers per period of time
  • EvolEvaluations: type of evaluation per patchset (verified, submitted, …)  and period of time
  • Waiting4Review: number of patches waiting for a reviewer response (those that got a positive review)
  • Waiting4Submitter: number of patches waiting for a submitter response (typically those that had a negative review)

As usual, feedback is welcome!


[1] https://github.com/MetricsGrimoire/Bicho/blob/master/Bicho/backends/gerrit.py

[2] https://github.com/VizGrimoire/VizGrimoireR/blob/newperiod/vizgrimoire/R/SCR.R



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