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Another step in our particular Octuber’s tour. Last week we have been in Edinburgh for the LinuxCon Europe 2013. It has been a quite challenging event, with lots of meetings and interesting talks. The main difference with Open World Forum experience has been the technical profile of most of the attendees, so there were less suits and more t-shirts around the venue.

LinuxCon was hosting also the CloudOpen so there were a lot of cloud companies around like OpenStack, Apache CloudStack or CloudSoft. It seems that the cloud is clearly a great place for free / open source software and many companies are working on it, as it shows for example our latest analysis about OpenStack.

On the other hand, client side technologies, it seems that the focus is in HTML5, and booths like Samsung, Intel/Tizen, Igalia were showcasing their development on WebKit and related Web technologies.

On Wednesday, one of Bitergia’s founders, Jesús González-Barahona, presented the results of the Linux kernel development analysis we have done recently, and how you can do it using Grimoire toolset.

Beyond the typical numbers or figures everyone was expecting, like number of commits since 1991 or things like that, there were some remarkable analysis like:

  • activity on kernel directories, and specially how /arch/arm activity has evolved from 2002 to 2013
  • or how the messages activity of Asia zone has increased from 2002 to 2012, while Europe and America seems to keep being the main discussion focuses

You can see the whole presentation and the raw dashboard we have built based on the Linux kernel development data. As always, everything released under Free / Open Source licenses.

Of course, there were parallel events like two receptions, and specially interesting was the Casino Royale one, hosted by the National Museum of Scotland, with a gambling area for losing non-money papers, but where winners took a gentle GNU Scottish Whisky

Seeing two Spanish companies sponsoring the event, Igalia and Gaceta Tecnologica, remarks the importance of internationalization processes to achieve markets outside our countries, like in Bitergia’s case, where most of the customers come from outside Spain.

And now, Bitergians are ready for the last stop: OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong. See you there…

Note: As always, full photoset can be seen in our Google+ area



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