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The OpenStack Icehouse release: activity and organizations

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[This post is based on the Executive Summary and other sections of the full report about OpenStack and the Icehouse release (part of OpenStack reports) and data retrieved from the OpenStack Activity Board, both developed by Bitergia]

At the moment of this analysis OpenStack projects are close to reach the 74,000 commits since their start as observed in the Activity Board. That activity was developed by more than 2,000 different contributors that at some point started 68,000 code reviews processes and sent and reviewed close to 270,000 different patches. There are more than 33,600 reports in the ticketing system, that were opened by 3,303 different participants. And high activity is also registered in the discussions forums, with close to 52,000 emails messages posted by 2,800 participants and more than 6,200 questions in the OpenStack question and answer tool.

Focus on the development activity, developers can be divided into 246 core developers, 461  with regular activity and 1,214 occasional ones that at some point submitted some patches and contributed to the code.

Structure of the OpenStack community of developers
Structure of the OpenStack community of developers

Regarding to the release of Icehouse, this cycle shows an increase of the activity in all of the analyzed data sources.

  • 17,209 commits, 25% extra activity than in previous release cycle
  • More than 120 different organizations have contributed to the development
  • Around 1,200 different developers have contributed to the project
  • In terms of interest around the community, IRC channels have doubled their activity and questions registered in the questions and answer platform have increased its activity by a 25%
  • 21% of the developers are responsible of a 80% of the total activity and 20 organizations submitting changes to the source code are responsible of a 70% of the total activity.

The top 10 distribution of commits for those organization is lead by Red Hat as the main contributor, followed by IBM, HP, Rackspace and Mirantis in the top 5. Not main changes if compared con the preliminary results about Icehouse participation presented some days ago. And it is worth noting that main actors in the development of the OpenStack projects keep in somehow stable, at least comparing with Havana and even with Grizzly, the previous two releases.

Top 10 organizations participating in the development of the Icehouse release measured in commits
Top 10 organizations participating in the development of the Icehouse release measured in commits




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