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How the automotive industry is participating in the development of GENIVI: BMW and Itestra leaders

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After our visit to the Open Automotive’14 hosted by the Genivi Alliance, we have prepared a new version of the activity dashboard based on the preliminary Genivi Alliance report.

BMW (> 1,500 commits) keeps growing in the community, being the leader of the open source development process in GENIVI ecosystem, or at least to the publicly available repositories that Bitergia has had access. However, we do not find another automobile and engine manufacturing company until Ford (10 commits), with a discrete development participation. Although raising to the 5th position if counting commits from its owned subsidiary Livio Connect.

Top 10 affiliations contribution to the development of the GENIVI open source ecosystem
Top 10 affiliations contribution to the development of the GENIVI open source ecosystem

The rest of the players in the top 5 contributors are software development and consultancy companies such as Itestra (> 700 commits), with the second place. Pelagicore, with the third position and 285 commits. Codethink focused on embedded systems with 243 commits and  Livio Connect, owned by Ford with 235 commits. All in all, the development process keeps stable, with a decrease of a 2% of the activity if compared to the last year period to the previous one.

From the community perspective, 78 different developers have been identified where 18 of them are characterized as ‘core’ developers with the highest aggregated activity, 13 regular, and the rest of them are characterized as occasional contributors to the source code.

In addition, 65 different people have been identified as participating in the community in some way: from opening issues, adding comments, to closing and fixing them. However, activity in this data source is not as lively as activity in the git repositories.

Finally, the biggest portion of community is found in the mailing lists where 155 people have been identified as sending at least one email.

In any case, the results show an interesting fact, that main actors in the manufacturing industry are not directly taking part of this ecosystem, but services associated to this such as consultancy, development, and specific hardware needs. Only BMW as leader of the project and Ford are an active part of this.



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