Measuring GitLab activity, community and performance with GrimoireLab

Software development analytics plays an important role in decision making for many data-driven firms. Being able to provide support for a wide range of different data sources to measure any project (so you can aggregate more than just one type of data) and manage different identities and affiliations among several data sources, is something we […]

3 Reasons for data-driven companies to analyze software development processes

If you are a digital data-driven company, you will probably rely on big data to track information such as industry trends, social media activity or sales data to get patterns and insights that help you in your decision making. Thus, if you care that much about these activities, and having on mind that software is […]

King Arthur: Driving Quests on Software Project Data

King Arthur, or simply Arthur, is an open source tool designed to schedule Perceval executions at scale through distributed Redis queues. It also provides support to store the data obtained to an ElasticSearch database, thus giving the possibility to connect the results with analysis and/or visualizations tools, such as the Bitergia analytics dashboards.