Why OSPO teams need a single source of truth (and how to achieve it)

Company goals around using, consuming, contributing to and maintaining open source software (OSS) projects are usually related to market positioning, required upstream features development, and talent attraction or retention. Well-organized OSS efforts are managed by an Open Source Programs Office (OSPO).

How Bitergia Analytics helps digital transformation roadmap

When companies embark on a Digital Transformation journey, one of the first things some of these companies implement is the latest technology and tools available in the market within their software infrastructure. However, all this technology will be nonsense if you don’t have a clear purpose.

I’ve got an Open Source Program Office, now what?

Ice Climbing

Nowadays, since every company is a tech company, Open Source Program Offices (AKA OSPO) are getting popular among many organizations such as Uber, Comcast, Google, Amazon, Intel, etc. to better implement Open Source projects within their company to promote cross-community collaboration and thus, create a centralized organization of expertise around Open Source activities.