Welcoming the OpenSearch 1.0 release

As an official partner, Bitergia joins the celebration of the OpenSearch 1.0 release. Bitergia is committed to open source. Elasticsearch and Kibana have been a core dependency of our own open source tool GrimoireLab.

Kibiter new release now supporting Open Distro for ElasticSearch

Bitergia has migrated Kibiter to ES/Kibana versión 6.8.6 that will improve Bitergia Analytics platform to add new functionalities, bug fixes, and security improvements from upstream. Kibiter is a custom soft fork of Kibana which powers GrimoireLab Panels with metrics & data visualizations. This post summarises major improvements

Join CHAOSS & GrimoireLab GSoC 2020!

CHAOSS and GrimoireLab is part of Google Summer of Code 2020! Students interested will get the opportunity to be working in a real cutting edge company with international spirit and a strong commitment with Open Source. Are you a student willing to improve your Python, Open Source and Data Science skills? Keep reading!

Improving Cauldron: now with Open Distro for Elasticsearch

Years ago, we developed a software development communities and processes analytics PaaS PoC based in GrimoireLab technologies. We called it Cauldron, and recently we have started working on a big update, that includes many new features, including Open Distro for Elascticsearch! Let’s see what’s coming…

GrimoireLab and CHAOSS part of Google Summer Of Code!

Hey Python programmers and Data Nerds! Once again, CHAOSS and GrimoireLab is part of Google Summer of Code: A three months paid program held during summer where students have the opportunity to improve their programming skills and get experience within Open Source

Testing Kibana: OpenStack code contributions dashboard

We at Bitergia are busy testing new stacks for analyzing and visualizing the software development data we collect. Some our latest tests involve using Kibana for visualization. In this case, we have prepared a dashboard showing the latest contribution data for OpenStack. One of the nice things that these new dashboards allow is the level […]