Identifying Community Contributors: The new Identities Manager is now available!

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Identifying Community Contributors: The new Identities Manager is now available! In the last months, we have been excitedly sharing our latest developments in the Bitergia Analytics Platform. Now, we have unveiled the new Identities Manager User Interface with an all-new and improved user experience to help you identify community contributors. It’s time to prepare for […]

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due: Identify Contributors From Commit Messages

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Want to identify all contributors who helped with the source code of an open source project but find yourself limited by what is officially captured in the git-log? Maybe your project, like the Linux Kernel, keeps track of who helped with patches by adding their name to the commit message, but tools don’t usually understand […]

BAP 0.5 release: new features and updates

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The 0.5 release of BAP -Bitergia Analytics Platform- is now available since September 28. In this blog post, we want to share new features and how changes can affect your work.

A year in review: Bitergia 2020

Bitergia year in review is here for 2020! This post summarizes Bitergia’s main activities across this year: The new OSS Community Metrics as a service platform, the growth in business and as a result, the growth in our team and main GrimoireLab improvements. Keep reading to learn more!

Dogfooding GrimoireLab

Do you work for a software company and are looking for a fun team-building exercise? Try dogfooding your own software. Here is the experience we had with this activity at Bitergia.

Welcome on board, Graal!

Almost a year ago, Graal was presented as a potential component of GrimoireLab. Today we are happy to announce Graal as a new GrimoireLab integration. Let’s go back in time and explain how we got to this point.

Georg, a new Bitergian joins the nest!

Georg Link, co-founder of the Linux Foundation CHAOSS Project, recently joined the Bitergia team as our new Director of Sales. These are great news for Bitergia. Do you want to know why? Let us share our story!