Lead Time Metric for Issues and Code Changes

lead time for issues and code changes

Welcome to a new chapter of the Metric of the Month. This time, we will focus on the Lead Time metric, a measure of performance that we use at Bitergia to identify risks in an Open Source project. Observing how this metric evolves over time can help us to improve our processes by identifying bottlenecks […]

Boosting Efficiency and Transparency with InnerSource: The Role of ISPOs

photo of people holding each other s hands

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape, companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance collaboration, foster creativity, and drive efficiency. One such approach gaining significant attention is Innersource. In this blog post, we will explore the value of Innersource for companies and InnerSource programs, with a focus on the innersource implementation. What is InnerSource? […]

Identifying Community Contributors: The new Identities Manager is now available!

photo of people doing handshakes

Identifying Community Contributors: The new Identities Manager is now available! In the last months, we have been excitedly sharing our latest developments in the Bitergia Analytics Platform. Now, we have unveiled the new Identities Manager User Interface with an all-new and improved user experience to help you identify community contributors. It’s time to prepare for […]

The Contributor’s Behavior Metric

contributors behavior

Welcome to a new chapter of the metric of the month. This time, we want to recap three metrics we discussed and put them together to understand how active a project is regarding Contributors’ Behavior. 

The Leaving Developers Metric

leaving developers

Welcome to the fourth chapter of the Metric of the Month: Leaving Developers. In the last chapter, we talked about Attracted Developers, a metric that helps us to understand the flow of new contributors joining a project or community. In this chapter, we will fully understand the contributors by studying the people leaving the project. 

Our Customers come first! – 2022 Satisfaction Survey results

silhouette photography of group of people jumping during golden time

At Bitergia, we’re always committed to our beloved customers, always trying to offer the best of our work and to help to level up their software development analytics. Thus, this blog post wanted to summarize the general satisfaction with Bitergia Analytics tool, the usage, facilities, and the relationship working with us.

The Elephant Factor: Metric of the Month

Welcome to the first chapter of the Metric of the Month! We’re glad to start this series talking about metrics. We expect to show you a complete guide for a different metric each month so you can understand more about them. We start this series with our favorite one, the Elephant Factor.

BAP 0.5 release: new features and updates

black and silver laptop computer on round brown wooden table

The 0.5 release of BAP -Bitergia Analytics Platform- is now available since September 28. In this blog post, we want to share new features and how changes can affect your work.

Bitergia in Dublin: a week full of activities

Sláinte! During last week, we were part of a full week of activities, events, social gatherings, networking, and interesting discussions. All of this was surrounded by the strong Irish culture which we had the opportunity to learn about on our latest trip to Dublin, Ireland.