Foster Innovation and Collaboration with InnerSource

Bitergia Analytics tracks community processes inside organizations to help digital transformation and breaking team silos

Bitergia Analytics Insights for InnerSource

Bitergia Analytics helps ISPO managers in their decision making and provides continuous reporting by analyzing developer community and processes of InnerSource projects

Understand Engagement

Identify developer activity within your InnerSource projects to see trends and find most active or abandoned projects

InnerSource Maturity

Understand how mature the InnerSource practices, processes, and culture are while identifying areas worth improving

Evangelization Support

Leverage best practices and lessons learned, backed by data, to advance your InnerSource initiative

Collaboration Dynamics

Demonstrate how silos are broken down by visualizing collaboration across projects, teams, and departments

Case Studies

Uber company's footprint insights

Read more about Uber use case

The Linux Foundation OPNFV community engagement analysis

Read more about OPNFV use case

Successful Metrics Strategy and Execution

Bitergia helps InnerSource initiatives throughout their full metrics journey. This includes delivering insights on demand, coaching through metrics strategy, providing live metrics via dashboards, and generating reports.

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1. Strategy

Bitergia develops a metrics strategy around software development specific to your organization's business goals

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2. Analysis

Bitergia defines the data sources, questions, and associated metrics that provide the insights you need

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3. Customization

Bitergia customizes its analytics platform to gather the data you need to answer your questions through metrics

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4. Reporting

Bitergia provides consistent reporting mechanisms, including dashboards, reports, and data API for custom integrations

Some of Our Customers

LF Networking
Open Containers Initiative

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