Improve Open Source Foundation Transparency

Bitergia helps Open Source Foundations showcase the activity of their projects and foundation members

Bitergia Analytics Insights for Open Source Foundations

Bitergia Analytics helps Open Source Foundations sustain their projects by giving them insights into their community and processes

Project Health

Build on and go beyond CHAOSS metrics to get insights from your community

Build Trust

Have a public dashboard to reveal how the community and foundation members collaborate

Organizational Diversity

Demonstrate that projects have a diverse organizational stewardship

Sustainability Knowledge

Reduce sustainability risks monitoring your community processes

Case Studies
Company Leadership

Understanding company leadership and influence with Bitergia Analytics

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Company Footprint Analysis

Guide investment decissions within OSS Ecosystems with Bitergia Analytics

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Kubernetes OSS Report

Turn data intro actionable insights with the OS Ecosystem Report

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Data streaming platform company

Analyzing open source technology adoption with Bitergia Analytics

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Understanding the developer journey with Bitergia Analytics

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FINOS (Fintech Open Source Foundation)

Growing an open source foundation with Bitergia Analytics

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Network Analysis

Analyzing cross-community ecosystems with Bitergia Analytics

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Open Networking Foundation

Improving membership management with Bitergia Analytics

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Wikimedia Foundation

Building stronger community relationships with Bitergia Analytics

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Open Source ecosystem analysis with Bitergia Analytics

Read more about Uber use case

The Linux Foundation OPNFV community engagement analysis

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Successful Metrics Strategy and Execution

Bitergia helps Open Source Software Foundations throughout their full metrics journey. This includes delivering insights on demand, coaching through metrics strategy, providing live metrics via dashboards, and generating reports.

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1. Strategy

Bitergia develops a metrics strategy around software development specific to your organization's business goals

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2. Analysis

Bitergia defines the data sources, questions, and associated metrics that provide the insights you need

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3. Customization

Bitergia customizes its analytics platform to gather the data you need to answer your questions through metrics

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4. Reporting

Bitergia provides consistent reporting mechanisms, including dashboards, reports, and data API for custom integrations

Some of Our Customers

Open Containers Initiative
Johns Hopkins University
The Apache Software Foundation
Yocto Project

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