Pricing for Software Development Analytics packages

Our products prices

from FREE
  • 3 data sources: GitHub (commits, issues, pull requests)
  • Basic activity and community metrics
  • Optional private dashboards
  • Optional data updates
  • Optional basic affiliation information
  • No identities merging

Bitergia basic dashboard

from $6,000.00
per year
  • Up to 6 different data sources
  • Up to 500 repositories
  • Daily data update
  • Basic affiliation management
  • Basic identities merging
  • Optional quarterly reports

Bitergia advanced dashboard

from $15.000.00
per year
  • Unlimited different data sources
  • Unlimited repositories
  • Daily data update
  • Advanced affiliation management
  • Advanced identities merging
  • Included quarterly detailed reports

Bitergia Software Development reports

Quarterly, or custom periods, detailed reports with custom studies and KPI.

from $4,000.00 per report

Our services prices

Bitergia Software Development Optimization consultancy

Based on software development quantitative analysis get development processes KPI, technical debt analysis, Inner Source programs status, etc.

Bitergia Open Source & Inner Source software development metrics training

Learn how to increase your management skills using software development metrics efficiently to reach your organization's strategic goals.

from $5,000.00 per course

Bitergia OSS Participation Certification

Certify your participation, or your organization, in specific Open Source projects development through a transparent, reliable and independent way.

from $3,000.00