Open Source and Inner Source Dev Analytics products

Understand Your Software Development Project

Bitergia Dashboards

Interact with dynamic analytics of the whole software project/s ecosystem, including project timeline events, from high level overview to deep insigths.

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Bitergia Reports

Advanced periodic reports with specific Open Source or Inner Source development metrics, quantitative studies, KPIs, benchmarking, custom analytics for the needs you may have.

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Bitergia on-demand services


Identification of Open Source and Inner Source software development good/bad practices, bad smells and projects maturity analysis.


Learn how to take advange of software development metrics for efficient collaborative software development.

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Individuals, companies or organizations contribution and quantitative footprint in Open Source projects through reliable and independent analysis.

Community Tools Supported

Source Code

Git, Baazar(*), Mercurial(*) (*exporting to git)

Tickets / issues

Bugzilla, GitHub Issues, JIRA, Maniphest, Redmine

Code Review

Gerrit, GitHub Pull Requests

Continuous Integration


Mailing lists / Forums

Askbot, Discourse, Gmane, Hyperkitty, mbox files, NNTP, Pipermail, Stack Exchange


IRC (Supybot), Slack, Telegram


Apache http logs


Confluence, MediaWiki




RSS, Twitter

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