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Bitergia’s core competencies are in the field of gathering, maintaining, and curating data in the market of software development analytics. Our expertise is in taking care of this data, and we have an in-depth understanding of all the mining processes to make this happen.

We’re committed to ensuring your data’s accuracy. We check it thoroughly across various sources and seamlessly blend it for optimal results. Trust us to keep your data rock-solid for your business needs.

Bitergia Analytics

Your One-Stop Solution for OSS Project Health

Bitergia provides a ready-to-use platform and professional services to empower managers to reach their business goals.

Consistent reporting for your project’s community, activity and performance.

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Gather data from your favorite platforms

Bitergia Analytics gathers data from 30+ platforms for a comprehensive view of your relevant software development projects.

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Collect relevant data in one platform

Bitergia Analytics saves you time by offering a one-stop-shop for data and metrics, eliminating the need to switch between multiple platforms.

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Personalized Analytics for every Profile

Bitergia Analytics Platform delivers tailored analytics solutions that offer valuable insights for different needs.

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Build by Data Experts

Reliable Data, Every Time! Bitergia is the market leader in software development data with 15+ years experience in research about collaborative software development methodologies and quality models.

open source metrics with bitergia analytics
Bitergia Analytics
For Open Source Program Offices
Improve decision making and reporting by analyzing software development community, activity, and performance of open source projects
Bitergia Analytics
For Software Development Teams
Evaluate project’s success, guide investment decisions and advocate the work that software development teams are doing
Bitergia Analytics
For Open Source Foundations

Improve Open Source Foundation transparency with insights on demand, coaching through metrics strategy, providing live metrics via dashboards, and generating reports.

Bitergia Analytics
For InnerSource Programs

Become a successful and data-driven organization by measuring how your InnerSource program performs and create a collaborative environment

Some of our Customers
yocto project
Open container initiative
the apache software foundation
wikimedia foundation

Manage your Open Source Project Risk with Bitergia

Take charge of Open Source Project Health Risk with the comprehensive and actionable Risk Framework provided by Bitergia.

Understanding the potential risks associated with open source projects is crucial to safeguarding your organization’s interests.

Failing to address these project health risks can result in undetected vulnerabilities, which may have severe consequences.

Time Risks

Once attacked, it requires time and effort to identify the vulnerability, close the attack vector, and strengthen systems to prevent future attacks. It requires less time to be pro-active and reduce this risk.

Data Risks

Data loss, including theft of valuable company secrets or compromised customer data. Additionally, attackers may resort to encrypting or deleting critical operational data, causing significant disruptions.

Brand Value Risks

Erosion of brand value and the loss of customer trust. Violations of data privacy can lead to legal consequences, further tarnishing an organization’s reputation.

Revenue Risks

Customers may switch to safer competitors, resulting in a loss of business. Grappling with attackers and restoring operations during downtime can lead to financial strains, and persistent attacks can even drive a company to bankruptcy.


We will not share, sell or rent your personal information to any third party. You may read our complete privacy policy for more information.

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Bitergia helps you in your understanding, reporting, and decision making process regarding community health, project sustainability, development efficiency, talent retention & acquisition, content creation, developer audience analysis, and more.

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