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Centralized source for metrics and data about the software development projects that matter to you

Bitergia Analytics Platform:
Your One-Stop Solution for Project Health

Bitergia provides a ready-to-use platform and professional services to empower managers to reach their business goals

Consistent reporting for your Open Source project’s community, activity and performance

Empower Informed Decisions

Maximize Efficiency and Productivity

Start the journey with High-Quality Datasets​

Make data-driven choices with ease

Start Your Metrics Journey with Bitergia Analytics!

Discover the convenience of Bitergia Analytics with our monthly subscription plan! 

Have access to valuable open source metrics and unlock the power of data-driven insights

Starter Package

1.000* Monthly
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Identity Managers
  • Data Quality Checks
  • GDPR and Privacy Compliance

Bitergia's Customizable Platform: Personalized Analytics for Every Profile

Bitergia Analytics Platform delivers tailored analytics solutions that offer valuable insights for OSPO teams, community managers, Engineering leaders, and InnerSource teams. With our customized approach, every user can benefit from our platform’s capabilities

We offer solutions to help you build your own OSPO, reduce risk, build collaboration, and increase your reputation.

  • Develop your own open source ecosystem
  • Build knowledge and understanding of how to deliver open projects
  • Become a good OS citizen
  • Increase your tech reputation
  • Deliver consistent contributions with less risk to your business
  • Manage the risk of using OSS


Start your Open Source Program Office with us

Discover how Bitergia’s analytics platform can help you ensure project success, team performance, and talent acquisition. Our solutions include:

  • Retain and attract top talent
  • Establish effective metrics for measuring success and efficiency
  • Meet deadlines and stay on schedule
  • Mitigate the risks associated with using Open Source Software (OSS)


Bitergia Analytics for Software Development Teams

Let Bitergia help you grow your user community, onboard and retain developers, and improve overall community health with our comprehensive solutions, including:

  • Community Health metrics
  • Download and usage metrics
  • Contributor metrics
  • Platform integration
  • Affiliations data aaS
  • Time metrics

Let us help you increase the adoption of InnerSource within your organization, engage and motivate your team with InnerSource projects, and improve project visibility and accessibility with our solutions, including:

  • Talent acquisition for InnerSource projects
  • Recognition by executives and stakeholders
  • Budget and deadline management
  • Effective KPIs and progress reporting
  • InnerSource consultancy services, including AS-IS Assessment, Maturity Model, and Metric Strategy.

Start your InnerSource Program Office with us

Bitergia can help Community Managers achieve their goals of growing developer and contribution community, improving community health, and increasing engagement. Our solutions include:

  • Attract and retain new community members
  • Keep existing contributors motivated and engaged
  • Gain a better understanding of the community and its needs
  • Measure and prove the value of your community investment and your role in its success
In The World of Data Analytics, Trust is Everything

Bitergia places a strong emphasis on data quality and reliability. You can be confident that the metrics you access are accurate and up-to-date, enabling informed decision-making and strategy formulation. Researchers rely on our tools because they ensure the validity and reliability of the data.

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Looking to hit the ground running with the Bitergia Analytics Platform? Our sneak peek start guide will show you up a navigating demo like a pro. Say goodbye to steep learning curves and hello to actionable insights. Start exploring today!


Experience streamlined dashboard management with our intuitive top bar, conveniently displaying all of your dashboards sorted by datasource

Data Range

Easily analyze data on your own terms with our powerful time filtering feature, allowing you to customize your analysis to any specific time frame

Item Filter

Discover a dynamic new way to visualize your data! With our visualization tools, you can easily filter in and out the values that matter most to you

Pin your Filters

Take control of your filters with ease! Pin your filters and seamlessly use them across multiple dashboards

Build by Experts

Bitergia is the market leader in software development analytics with 15+ years experience in research about collaborative software development methodologies and quality models

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Committed to Open Source and
Privacy by Design

Bitergia Analytics, is 100% free, Open Source Software built on top of existing open source tools like GrimoireLab and OpenSearch.

Bitergia Analytics includes features and legal conditions to ensure Privacy and Lean Data Practices.

Gather data from your favorite platforms

Go beyond the Starter Package and collect data from 30+ different platforms to get a holistic picture of the software development projects that matter to you

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Source Code Repositories

Git, Bazaar, Mercurial
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Tickets & Issues

GitHub, GitLab, JIRA, Bugzilla, Launchpad, Phabricator Maniphest, Redmine
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Code Reviews

Gerrit, GitHub, GitLab
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Continuous Integration

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Mailing Lists

Askbot, Discourse, Gmane, Groups.io, Hyperkitty, Mbox files, NNTP, Pipermail, Stack Exchange
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IRC, Slack, Telegram
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Confluence, MediaWiki
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Meetup, Mozilla Reps events
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Crates.io, Docker Hub, RSS

We will not share, sell or rent your personal information to any third party. You may read our complete privacy policy for more information.

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