About Bitergia and its Software Development Analytics expertise

About Bitergia

Founded by FLOSS (free, libre, open source software) enthusiasts with a large experience in development, research and consultancy activities, Bitergia is a company born from +15 years experience in URJC GSyC/Libresoft group on collaborative software development methodologies and quality models research.

Meet the team


Bitergia is a company committed to collaborative research


SENECA is a European Industrial Doctorate project, funded under Marie-Skłodowska Curie Actions, which provides the opportunity to nine early-stage researchers to pursue their PhD in the area of software engineering of cloud-based systems. The research programme is organized in three research streams: Product quality in cloud-related software development projects; Process quality in cloud-related software development; Operations' quality in cloud systems.


The MARKOS project is aimed to realize the prototype of a service and an interactive application providing an integrated view on the Open Source projects available on the web, focusing on functional, structural and licenses aspects of software code (see the MARKOS Factsheet [PDF] and the MARKOS Brochure [PDF]).


PROSE is aimed to contribute to the adoption of open source software on ICT projects, by increasing the lifetime of the software developed inside European projects and thus maximizing impacts. This will be achieved through the creation of a coordination platform for hosting software projects, as well as promoting dissemination and training events on Open Source topics.