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Welcoming the OpenSearch 1.0 release

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As an official partner and avid supporter of open source, Bitergia is thrilled to join in celebrating the highly anticipated OpenSearch 1.0 release. For years, Bitergia has heavily relied on Elasticsearch and Kibana as core dependencies for our own open source tool, GrimoireLab. However, as Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch and Kibana, gradually reduced the features of the open source versions, Bitergia embarked on a quest to explore alternatives for our Metrics as a Service platform, Cauldron.

OpenSearch: The Open Source Alternative

In light of Elastic’s decision to halt the release of open source versions for Elasticsearch and Kibana, the OpenSearch project emerged as the ideal open source alternative. Recognizing the significance and potential of OpenSearch, Bitergia proudly became a partner, affirming our unwavering dedication to the open source community and embracing the transition to OpenSearch as the new go-to option for Elasticsearch and Kibana.

Planning the Migration to OpenSearch

With the recent launch of OpenSearch 1.0, Bitergia is excitedly charting the course for migrating our systems to this innovative platform. We have received immense enthusiasm from numerous customers eagerly anticipating the arrival of new and enhanced features accompanying the migration to OpenSearch. Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts where we delve into the specifics of these exciting features.

To ensure you stay updated with the latest developments surrounding our transition to OpenSearch, we will regularly share updates on our blog. We highly recommend subscribing to our monthly newsletter to join us on this transformative journey and ensure you never miss a beat. Rest assured; we will inform you about the progress, challenges, and triumphs as we navigate the OpenSearch landscape.

Exploring OpenSearch Further

Furthermore, if you’re keen to delve deeper into the intricacies of this exciting new alternative, we invite you to visit the OpenSearch website, where you can find comprehensive information, resources, and insights.

At Bitergia, we are delighted to champion open source initiatives like OpenSearch, and we look forward to a future where it paves the way for even greater possibilities in search and analytics. Together with our partners and the open source community, we will continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and collaboration.



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